Astrology Charts Cast A Shadow On Wedding Season in 2020


It’s the year 2020, and married couples, take heed: planet Venus (aka the ruler of romance and finances) will be in retrograde during wedding season, May 13 to June 25. Astrology says that things are less likely to go as smoothly as any gearing up to walk down the aisle would like. It’s better to be prepared for this and embrace any complications, changes, and hiccups as they come.

Astrology Charts Cast A Shadow On Wedding Season in 2020

This is a very important tip because, unfortunately, it’s not the only occurrence the stars have in store for summer weddings during 2020. According to Jessica Lanyadoo (a professional astrologer for more than 20 years), lunar eclipses will occur on June 5, June 21, and July 5, which is the period when everything could get out of control. And to top it all off, Mercury will be retrograde between June 18 and July 12. She says that during a Mercury retrograde, planning will get very complicated.

The good news? There is no room to panic! Here are her do’s and don’ts to navigate astrology, love, and wedding planning below.

Do Pay Attention to Venus

What most people do not realize is when they read their weekly horoscope, they are only reading their Sun sign (where the Sun was on the day of their birth). But the Sun sign is just one small part of astrology. When it comes to relationships, Venus is a very good sign to pay attention to—especially your partner’s.

In short: Understanding your partner’s Venus sign can give you solid insight into what your partner values in a relationship.

Don’t Overthink Zodiac Compatibility

Jessica Lanyadoo says don’t pay too much attention to the zodiac sign compatibility. Bearing in mind that there are so many other planets that go into birth charts other than the Sun. So, yes, a Cancer and an Aries can still fall in love (and live happily ever after!) even if they aren’t “technically” compatible.

Astrology Charts Cast A Shadow On Wedding Season in 2020

Do Remember Your Free Will

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception in astrology that people are locked into being a certain way. But, as Jessica explains, that is simply not true. She says we have to account for free will in all our relationships.

Don’t Overthink Your Wedding Date

According to Lanyadoo, getting married during retrograde probably isn’t the best idea, but it doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed.