Wedding Ideas That Will Make You Blush

When choosing the color of your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, table decorations, and drinks, there is one color that you sure cannot go wrong with. That’s right, even a pink drink will make your guests blush, and with this millennial pink color winning over brides around the world, there is a good reason for it.


For starters, the neutrality of the color blush is perfect next to a bride’s white dress and makes a gorgeous choice for the flower arrangements which the bride and bridesmaids will be holding. The same goes for the flowers on the cake. While the modern twist on wedding cakes is having more color added to the white frosting, blush flowers give it that extra lift while keeping it fairly traditional.


Then there are the accessories, and we are talking about jewelry, shoes, and handbags. Adding too much color can sometimes be too much on your wedding day, so the right amount of accessory is always favored. Keeping it subtle and elegant is also crucial, and that is ensured when choosing the color blush.

Once again, it gives that perfect match with the bride’s white attire, and will not be seen as a bold or overdramatic statement. Of course, all attention must be on the bride (with some going to the groom), and her dress is going to take center stage. There should not be anything that will attract the guest’s attention more, and choosing blush will keep things as they should be.


This color can then be incorporated into invitations, thank-you letters, and even the table decorations on the big day. From the plates and glasses to candle coloring and table seating, blush can continue as a running theme throughout the wedding journey, and for this reason, we are choosing this as the perfect wedding color.