The Food Trends You’re Likely To See This Wedding Season

Generally, when one thinks of wedding trends, they first consider details like what kind of gown to wear or where and when to have their wedding. Food can often be one of the last major details to be considered when planning a wedding, but recently, more couples have been taking advantage of burgeoning food trends to really make their event a special one. Gone are the days of uniformed servers walking around with platters of bite-sized appetizers. Wedding food is a great place to show your creativity, as well as making the event more fun.

This year, many guests will be finding interactive appetizers, roll-your-own sushi to a customizable french fry bar, which allows your guests to choose exactly which toppings and accouterments they want to eat. Another popular new trend is doing brunch weddings. Couples have been making use of the daytime wedding, given that its costs are lower than nighttime affairs. Plus, everyone loves brunch. It’s a good way to stand out from the crowd.

You also may be seeing more couples who opt for upscale versions of their favorite comfort foods. Cocktail hour especially has gotten a bad rap for being a display of fancy hors d’oeuvre that no one would otherwise eat. Toss out the stodgy vol-au-vents and upgrade your appetizer options with fried chicken wings, small plates of dressed up mac and cheese, or even easy to eat mini burgers. It’s time for couples to realize that the food they chose to serve at their wedding can indeed be the same as the food they love to eat.

The popularity of food trucks has yet to die down, as they offer a fun, interactive experience to guests while they’re mingling. As for dessert, feel free to skip the fancy tiered cake, and instead put out an enticing spread of mini desserts, like s’mores or even doughnuts!