The Biggest Trends In Wedding Food This Year

Choosing what to serve at your wedding doesn’t have to be a stuffy affair, relegated to dishes no one would eat at any other time of the year. Many of the same food trends that have taken over our Instagram feeds are also perfect wedding food trends. Here are a few things that you can incorporate into your wedding to keep it feeling fresh.

Superfood Powders

If you’ve noticed brightly hued smoothie bowls decorating your favorite food feeds, you wouldn’t be alone. Superfood powders have become all the rage, with ingredients like pink pitaya and blue spirulina¬†taking center stage as a natural coloring agent. For a daytime wedding, brightly hued smoothies or trendy turmeric lattes can be a great addition.

Plant-Based Options

Even if you aren’t inclined to throw a fully plant-based wedding, having a few options here and there that are stars, rather than afterthoughts, can be an exciting way to update your wedding feast.

You can go for a beautiful and scrumptious vegan cake that your guests won’t even know has no dairy or eggs, or you can have a table full of nut-milk based ice creams!

Floral Flavors

Your bouquet of flowers shouldn’t just be left behind the moment you’ve walked down the aisle. Taking advantage of the full range of flavor¬†possibilities offered by botanicals is an elegant way to bring a unique twist to either your cocktail list or your dessert menu. Even better, you can match the flowers you choose to your wedding colors.

Twisted Tacos

Let’s be honest, everyone loves tacos, whether you’re at a wedding or not. They might not seem like the fanciest of food, but having a variety of tacos on offer, especially as part of your cocktail hour, is a way to bump up the fun as well as the flavor, especially when the options for unexpected tacos are endless.