The Hottest Wedding Trends Of 2017

Wedding trends are getting more creative than ever, with endless options available for couples who want to customize their celebration. Break out of the wedding box with the hottest wedding trends from this year.

Deconstructed Gift Bags

Ditch the goody bags at the door and let your guests put them together themselves. Set up a separate room designated for swag, setting up different stations around the room with different items. Then let your guests go around and take which gifts they want. It’s less prep for you and more fun for them.

Metallic Dresses


The runways have been covered in sparkling dresses this year, from gold and silver dresses to metallic accents, metal is in. Two other trends to look out for are the classic ball gown, if you want a little more of a vintage feel. If not, then easy and breezy might be right for you.

Food Truck Stations

Photo by Randy + Ashley,

Couples have increasingly been choosing more fun ways to serve meals at their weddings. Gone are stuffy, one sized fits all meals, replaced by some of the hippest local food around. If you still want to have a more traditional sit- down dinner, choose food trucks for cocktail hour.

Furry Friends


For couples taking their nuptials outdoors, incorporating animals has become the norm. While pet parents have long incorporated their furry family, the newest trend is for couples to bring more exotic animals to the alter as well, including donkeys, bunnies, and llamas.

Fun Food Presentations

Continuing the the trend of customizing everything, couples are turning to local hot spots for culinary inspiration. Almost as important as the food itself is the creative presentation.

Many couples are opting for food stations that are bordering on art installations. From floating cheese plates to walls of doughnuts, you’ll wow your guests with these impressive and delicious displays.