How To Decide If You Should Have A Tech Free Wedding

As technology continues to become indispensable to our daily lives, it might seem counter productive to choose to have a tech free celebration, especially when couples are choosing wedding hashtags as soon as they announce their engagements.

Some couples have even taken their tech a step further by showing their wedding on livestream, which can be a convenient way for far flung family members to participate, even when they can’t get there in person. On the flip side, an increasingly popular option has become to request a completely unplugged wedding. So how do you know if that is the right option for you?

At tech free weddings, guests are asked to keep all of their technology not only stashed away, but also off, lest the temptation arise to check messages. The couples who ask this do so with the idea that only the hired photographer will be documenting each moment of the affair.

There are a number of good reasons to consider requesting that your guests keep their phones and cameras in their bags. For starters, not having a phone in hand or thinking about capturing every second on camera will help them be more present for the event itself.

There are a few more practical reasons to asked your guests to join in a device free wedding. Keeping the amateur photographers at bay will help your actual photography team get the shots they want, and no one will be running around getting in the way.

You’ll also be better able to control the flow of photos that are released on the internet, since no one else will have any to share. Not only that, you can keep moments you don’t want floating around to yourself. It might seem daunting to implement this, but you can start as early as when you send out your invitations.