Sisters Say “I Do” Together

Getting married is supposed to be the happiest day of your life with all the attention on the couple, right? It turns out these sisters were about to share the spotlight as they said “I do” together. What could be better than having your sibling by your side for the big day?

Sisters Say “I Do” Together

Sharing Ideas

Charly and Ella were both engaged, but it wasn’t until they started talking about their wedding ideas that both sisters realized their plans sounded almost identical. Charly and Ella admit they have always been close. Now, it was their chance to show just how close they really are by sharing their wedding day.

Saving Money

One of the biggest reasons the two sisters decided to share their wedding was to help them both have the perfect day while getting to save money. After all, they got to use the same wedding photographer, had the same guests, and even split the cost of everything down the middle. Both of the sister’s fiancés helped along the way, with one in charge of the decor and another head of photography.

Sisters Say “I Do” Together

Sharing Every Aspect

The two sisters shared every aspect from saying their “I dos” to cutting the cake and even their first dance. As if that wasn’t enough, Charly and Ella invited their other two sisters and a close friend each to be their joint bridesmaids. The only aspect they enjoyed separately was walking down the aisle with their dad and stepdad on each arm.

Charly and Ella say they both feel as though the wedding day was between all four of them rather than the two individual couples. What started as a happy coincidence with their similar plans soon turned into a wedding day that the sisters – and all of their guests – will never be able to forget.