The Price of a Diamond: How Much Does the Stone Cost

Marilyn Monroe cooed eons ago that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The trend of coveting diamonds has been around since then and shows no signs of aging. A diamond — be it transparent, blue, or red — is said to be forever. This stone will never go out of style. Whether you’re at the diamond-giving end or the receiving one, you must know if you’re investing in the right piece. However, it turns out that putting a price on the stone is much trickier.

Valuing the stone

The age-old adage that the jeweler knows the value of his jewel could not be more accurate. Many people know the cliched 4C’s to evaluate diamonds — carat, color, clarity, and cut. A similar-sized and shaped diamond from the same designer can be priced differently. Though people assume the cost of a diamond to be dependent on its carat, there’s more to it. Diamonds come in clear tones and different colors and cuts. Factors responsible for grading diamonds include the material of the diamond, its cut, dimensions, and shape. Gemmology experts pin the pricing of a diamond on higher color depth, carat, and clarity.

Making a Planned Purchase

If you plan to spend your money on purchasing the showpiece, the most sensible thing to do is to know what you are seeking. Once you’ve made up your mind on a particular type of diamond, research your way through the plethora of options available to you. Look for authenticity through certification. The next step is to do a comparative analysis of diamonds based on the characteristics sought. The rarer the diamond, the higher the cost. Once you know what you are purchasing, you’ll have a better perception of the gem.

How To Care For Your Diamond Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are the eternal reminder of our love and commitment to someone else in the world. The chances are that many of us want to keep them as healthy as possible. Here’s how to care for your diamond wedding ring to ensure it lasts as long as your everlasting love.

Check The Condition

It’s best to check the condition of your diamond wedding ring before you begin, make sure there are no loose diamonds that could come off when cleaning. This can be done by using a small pin to ensure the claws around each stone is secure. If there is a wobble, it’s best to get it checked out by a professional jeweler.

Use Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid and hot water are all you need to start. Mix some hot water with the soap and leave your diamond wedding ring to soak for up to 40 minutes. Then, use a soft toothbrush to gently remove any built-up dirt, paying close attention to the lower part of any diamonds.

Rinse And Dry The Ring

Merely rinse your diamond wedding ring under some warm water and repeat the process until you’re happy with the results. Once you’re satisfied, use a linen or cotton cloth to gently dry your wedding ring. These are soft enough that they won’t scratch the metal like paper towels could.

Polish Your Wedding Ring

A polishing cloth is the final step to get your diamond wedding ring shining like new again. All you need to do is polish the entire item with the fabric until the metal is bright once again. Remember to keep your cloth in a sealed bag to ensure it stays free from dust.

Caring for your diamond wedding ring doesn’t have to be as tricky or time-consuming as it first seems. In fact, a few steps could be all it takes to get your ring back to its former glory.