What Not To Do On Your Wedding Day

You might have written a list of everything you want to happen on your wedding day, but what about the things that you need to avoid? That’s right; there are some things that you don’t want to do on your wedding day.

What Not To Do On Your Wedding Day

Worry About Weather

The weather is like many things in life – out of our control. Sure, we can plan the perfect summer wedding only to have it rain all day, but who really cares? They say that rain is supposed to be lucky and who knows, it could lead to some incredible photo ops.

Start New Projects

Many of us like to DIY many aspects of our wedding. However, those projects can often last a little longer than we imagined. If you haven’t had time to fold those napkins or finish the favors, then it’s best to forget them. Your wedding day is for relaxing and sharing your love, not starting a new project.

What Not To Do On Your Wedding Day

Wear New Shoes

Your outfits are sorted, and they’re all laid out. That’s perfect! However, you might want to try breaking in your shoes a few weeks before the wedding if you’re going to avoid any blisters or rubbing on the day. Breaking in new shoes is never fun. Why let painful feet distract you from the day?

Get An Intense Treatment

Perhaps you want to fully relax before your wedding? It might be best to book that last-minute eyebrow wax or that deep tissue massage for a few days before the ceremony. After all, sporting the waxed-face look or feeling sore from a massage might put a little dampener on the day.

Skip Food

It can be easy to skip out on meals as the nerves take over, but you might start to feel the effects later in the day. Sometimes, all we need is a light bite to eat and some water to help us get our appetite back for our wedding breakfast.

Many couples say their wedding day passes in a flash. However, focusing on your big moment and forgetting all the things not to do on your wedding day should help the day feel like a moment that will last a lifetime – with memories to match.