Naked Cakes Get An Update For 2018

If 2017 was the year of the naked cake, then 2018 is shaping up to be the year the naked cake went glam. When naked cakes started making the rounds, they were desired for their rustic simplicity. Gone was the fancy fondant that no one wanted to eat in favor of a lightly frosted cake, whose layers peek through the sheer frosting lightly disguising the sides of the cake.

Couples who were balking from the highly stylized glam weddings found naked cakes were the perfect accompaniment to outdoor weddings that already featured homespun decor. Now, however, couples are still staying away from the flawless finish of a fondant even while they glam up the pared-down cakes.

This year’s cakes are¬†sumptuously decorated with brightly colored elements, like fruits or flowers, or else dolled up with shimmering metallics. Other cakes are employing nostalgic candies in order to brighten up their looks while inspiring childlike glee from wedding attendees.

One of the most popular trends to take hold of the culinary world lately has been unicorn themed confections. From Starbucks to noodles to toast, treats decorated with swirls of pastel colors and shimmering metallics have taken over Instagram feeds everywhere. Wedding cakes are no different, even if they err on the elegant side of whimsy.

Many of the most beautiful cakes we’ve seen so far have included a decadent drizzle of chocolate or caramel cascading down the rim of the cake, enticing guests with the incredible and edible accents. Whereas traditional wedding cakes would make use of sugar or chocolate that had been contorted into a variety of molds, the trend towards simplicity is bringing us cakes that look like the ingredients they’re made of. However, if you’re afraid to commit to a naked cake for your big day right off the bat, try experimenting with it at a bridal shower or engagement party first.