Man Proposes At His Own Sister’s Wedding

There some rules that go without saying. So what about if someone proposes on someone else’s wedding day? One man was about to propose at his own sister’s wedding. Had he really just crossed over the line?

The Big Day

Jessica Hughes had walked down the aisle and was busy enjoying her celebrations when it was time to throw the bouquet. However, rather than leaving the throw to chance, Jessica turned around and handed her flowers to someone in the audience. No one had any idea what was happening, especially Nikki Tabberer who was now holding the bouquet.

Man Proposes At His Own Sister’s Wedding

Planning It All

It turns out that Kieran, the bride’s brother, had been planning the event for many weeks. He was inspired by his sister walking down the aisle. Plus, going through a miscarriage with Nikki was enough to prove to Kieran that he wanted to marry his girlfriend. He wanted to make sure that everything was perfect and even took Nikki ring shopping to get the right size without her ever realizing his grand plans.

The Go-Ahead

Many would have been angry. However, it looked as though it was Jessica who had suggested the whole thing. Jessica told everyone that it was her wedding and things would go how she liked. She just wanted to help her brother pull off the most romantic proposal he could in front of all of their friends and family.

Man Proposes At His Own Sister’s Wedding

No Clue

Nikki had no idea that she was about to land a ring on her finger – especially as she was a guest at someone else’s wedding. However, Jessica was about to reveal it all. The bride handed over her bouquet and led Nikki over to a waiting Kieran who was already down on one knee. At last, everything was falling into place.

No Stealing The Spotlight

Thankfully, Jessica wasn’t worried about her brother stealing the spotlight. The wedding photographer rushed over to capture the moment before the guests could carry on with the rest of their night. Jessica thought it was the perfect way for her to share her big day with her sibling.

It seems as though some siblings are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their brother or sister pulls off their grand plan – even if it means letting their brother propose at their own sister’s wedding.