Everything The Maid Of Honor Needs To Do On The Wedding Day

There’s nothing more exciting than watching your best friend say “I do.” There are happy tears, there are sad tears, and there are just tears for the sake of crying! If you’re the maid of honor, there’s a high chance that you might even be crying a little bit because you’re conscious of the fact that you should be doing something at all times. Want to know something? That isn’t the case! You’re entitled to enjoy the day as well, so just make sure that you know just what you need to do so you can spend the rest of the day basking in all of the love.

Everything The Maid Of Honor Needs To Do On The Wedding Day

Keep Everyone On Track

It’s kind of a given that the bride will be late for her own wedding, but it’s down to the maid of honor to make sure that the bride doesn’t miss her wedding entirely. Wedding prep normally starts early on in the day to make sure that the leading lady and her bridal party are dressed and made up to perfection. As the maid of honor, you need to keep everyone on track and make sure that the bride is as happy as can be with her finished look.

Give The Bride Food And Drink

It may sound like a strange task, but the bride will thank you for it after. Due to wedding jitters, many brides opt out of breakfast and head straight to the bubbly -, and everyone knows that drinking on an empty stomach is not a winning combination. So, you need to make sure that the food eats something, even if she doesn’t want to. Adding some water into the mix wouldn’t go amiss either.

Everything The Maid Of Honor Needs To Do On The Wedding Day

Take Note Of The Wedding Dress

Many brides spend weeks, months, or even years finding the perfect wedding dress, which means that the last thing they want is a rip or tear in it before they walk down the aisle. As maid of honor, it’s your duty to take note of the wedding dress during regular intervals throughout the day. It’s always best to keep an emergency sewing kit on hand at all times, just in case you need to sew a loose button back on.

If you’re currently stressing about your maid of honor duties, then you don’t need to worry. Perfect your speech, make sure the bride looks blushing, and enjoy the day alongside her.