Lindsay Lohan Marries Beau Bader Shammas

You might have heard the news that Lindsay Lohan has wed her Lebanese beau, Bader Shammas, in secret. Here’s what you need to know about the marriage, including the location and date. Here’s everything about the child star and the financier’s wedding!

How They Met

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas met in early 2020 when they were both working on a movie set in Greece. They hit it off immediately and started dating shortly after. They kept their relationship relatively private but were often seen together around Los Angeles. After a year of dating, the couple announced their engagement in November 2021.

The Post

Lindsay Lohan is officially married! The actress shared an Instagram post on July 2, 2022, announcing that her boyfriend of two years, financier Bader Shammas, is her husband. The post wishes fans a Happy Valentine’s Day and addresses Bader Shammas. She credits him for finding her and making her realize that she needed both happiness and peace of mind. She calls him the true love of her life who showed her, for the first time, what life should be like.

The Engagement Was Also Announced on Instagram

Recently engaged, Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas announced their marriage plans to their followers on Instagram. On November 11, 2021, Lohan posted a series of photos of her soon-to-be spouse on social media, an elaborate diamond ring, and the following caption ‘I love you. I am all you will ever need. I have big plans for my family, my future.’

The Wedding Plan

The Parent Trap star chatted about wedding planning, she highlighted that she prefers low-key affairs, and stated that even her birthdays are not very lavish. Also present at the ceremony were Lohan’s sister Aliana, Bastille drummer Chris Wood, and rocker Dan Smith. So while we can’t wait to see wedding pics, we’re excited to celebrate the happy couple!

5 Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for a “Happily Ever Laughter”

Weddings are usually quite formal, especially during the ceremony. No matter how formal a wedding is planned out to be, there are still ways to add a fun twist to it, like with cool cake toppers! Don’t worry about the theme not being followed and just think how much better a personalized topper will look on the cake. Here are 5 awesome ways to say “And they lived happily ever… laughter!”

#1 Funny Words Cake Toppers

5 Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for a “Happily Ever Laughter”

Were the couple constantly bugged by their family and friends about getting married? If they have heard enough times “It’s about damn time” why not turn it into a stylish but fun topper for the beautiful wedding cake? Adding a twist to the wedding dessert is a nice way to show off a couple’s fun side as well!

#2 Cake Topper for Sports Fans

5 Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for a “Happily Ever Laughter”

If one of the couple is a big sports fan, they can have fun with this type of cake topper. They can customize what sport is represented and even the way the cake topper people look. If their family and friends are familiar with the couple’s passion for sports, they will surely get a good laugh!

#3 Cake Topper for True Gamers

5 Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for a “Happily Ever Laughter”

There’s finally a subtle and cool way to show a couple’s mutual passion for gaming at their wedding – via an awesome cake topper! One can pick a pixeled topper saying “Game over” or chose their favorite characters for the game they love to play together and get a custom topper made. Sitting together and playing is also cute and romantic!

#4 It’s a Tinder Match!

5 Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for a “Happily Ever Laughter”

There’s no shame in meeting your partner on a dating app! Just think how many people have gone on really bad dates but have eventually found their match with the app. Let this cool Tinder Match cake topper show off the app’s success.

#5 Pizza Delivery Topper

Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for Pizza Lovers
5 Fun Wedding Cake Toppers for a “Happily Ever Laughter”

For all the foodies out there and especially for the pizza lovers, this is the perfect cake topper! Couples can show their mutual love for incredible food in a fun and stylish way with this cute topper or choose a custom one with different food.

Hopefully, people will enjoy our 5 fun ideas for cake toppers! Even if a person didn’t find a topper for their special day, they can still draw some inspiration. Couples should find a thing they love about both themselves and their partner or something they often do together and turn it into a cake topper. Cheers to fun weddings and new beginnings!