Hilarious Wedding Fails Guests Will Never Forget

Wedding Fail tweets

As perfect as most weddings seem, there’s a lot of chaos behind them that we as guests don’t get to see. Kids causing mayhem and bridezillas going ballistic are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a saying that goes: a good comedy ends in marriage—and a good marriage should be full of comedy… #WeddingFails is one of Jimmy Fallon’s legendary hashtag challenges, and it has got people sharing their cringe-worthy and hilarious experiences. So here are the thirty of the most fail-worthy wedding tweets the bride and groom won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Tumble Dance

It has been said that a woman’s wedding day will be one of the most important days of her life. From girlhood, girls plan and scheme, act out and wonder. From their wedding dress to the first dance, she will share with her husband. Once the big day arrives, many brides and grooms have practiced this dance because they know everyone will be watching and wouldn’t want to embarrass themselves. But when the big day finally does come around, things don’t always go exactly as expected.

Nap Time!

Having flower girls and ring bearers walking down the aisle looking both adorable and bewildered, enlisting your pet to carry the wedding rings will be a real crowd-pleaser. Dogs make the best ring bearers because they’re more likely to listen and can be trained to walk on cue. Before you decide to have your dogs be the ring bearers at your wedding, you should determine whether they are up for it. It seems these two may have been a little exhausted after all the fuss…


Walking down a staircase sure does make a grand entrance for the bride and groom, but executing each step with accurate precision may be challenging when your pulse is racing from excitement and you’re wearing a formal tuxedo suit … They tried, they really did. But somehow fate was against them. This perfectly timed photo captured a very unfortunate misstep by the groom, as well as a rare expression from the bride, at least they had the handrail to hold onto!

Sleeping on the Job

We often find that listening to a lecture or sermon, and it is easy and quite natural to doze off right in the middle of the priest’s speech. As far back as the roman empire, there have been sleepy church-goers… but in some weird twist of fate, this priest was caught snoozing while on stage. A remarkable feat, considering he was officiating, not only that, but he also said the wrong name during his ceremony. Now that’s awkward!

It’s Not Meant to be

Throwing the bridal bouquet is a tradition common in many cultures, even the ancient Romans and the Greeks both followed the practice. If someone catches the bouquet at a wedding, it typically means that they’re the next person to get married. There are a lot of bizarre traditions at weddings, and throwing the bouquet certainly is one of them. It’s gone from being a serious custom to now possibly outdated. But with that hilarious expression, it’s not probably not going to be taken seriously!

Fake Exit

There is no doubt that weddings cost a lot of money. So it would make sense that the bride and groom would want to save when they can and to cut back on services and unnecessary expenses. As this couple’s wedding guests saw them leave their celebration, they could only imagine that they went straight to their honeymoon, right? Well, it seems that there is a lot that happens behind the scenes that their guests wouldn’t have expected, and they could never expect that the newlyweds would be cleaning up after their wedding.

Wedding Fire!

Some couples want a lovely low key wedding. Others, however, want it to be somewhat extravagant. But sometimes that extravagance comes at a cost. We don’t know exactly how this fire started, but it does make for a surprising photo of the bride and groom in handcuffs. It certainly is not the way that most people would want to remember their wedding day. But at least it will be one that most of the guests won’t forget in a hurry.

Dirty Dancing

It’s over 30 years since Dirty Dancing premiered, which means that since then, the movie has made such a lasting impression with the stellar dance moves of Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze, that many have tried to recreate that iconic dance scene. Like at this father-daughter dance, where the flower girl and bride’s father reenacted the scene with unfavorable results. It just goes to show that mere mortals should probably not try this at home, as they may take a tumble…

Breaking the Glass

Some wedding ceremonies end with a great bang, while others with a less climatic slip and thud. Stomping on glass is one of the best-known features of more traditional weddings. It typically happens after the bride has been given a ring, or at the end of the ceremony, then the groom breaks a glass. However, the glass may be more glide and skid away if the groom does not stomp hard enough! With everyone watching, that can be called a fail!

Dress Sense

Why do people always feel ashamed when they see somebody else wearing the same dress like them? It would seem that in certain western cultures, which widely favors individuality. Being accused of being a copycat is one of the worst insults we could have heard growing up but with these grandmothers, it’s highly unlikely that they intended to wear the same dress, so it may just be called a fashion blunder, but at least it seems that they are taking it in their stride.

Savage Speech

As a wedding guest, there are specific standards of behavior that the bride and groom expect guests to uphold. As the best man, that standard is even higher! The groom selects his closest friend to serve as the best man, and it is considered a great honor to be chosen. One of the duties that come along with being the best man is giving a speech that will hopefully amuse the audience and flatter the newlywed couple. Unfortunately, sometimes people leave their common sense at home.

That Perfect Shot

Wedding photos are there to serve as timeless mementos of one of the happiest days in a couple’s life, something they can look at to remember their big day. But between cake disasters, wardrobe malfunctions, and the occasional wedding blunder, not every wedding day photo is going to be perfect. Some photographers know when to delete all the awkward, unflattering, and downright cringe-worthy shots, but others are kept simply because they perfectly capture the moment when it all went wrong.


If his vows are perfect and you can’t top it may be a good idea to have a backup plan! Can’t spell ditto without “I do!” Saying ditto may the perfect reply when someone has said something that is so special and correctly thought out, that it would be difficult to match a response, take, for example, wedding vows that have been planned for months… It may not be funny at the time but reading it in this tweet sure is hilarious!

Cotton Eye Joe

No two wedding receptions flow the exact same way, as is expected there may be glitches and confusion so it’s best to go with the flow, no matter how hard it may be for the bride and groom … It’s no secret that Cotton Eye Joe is a party floor-filler, but it may not be the song one chooses to open the dancefloor at a wedding, so when this bride faced an unfortunate song choice for her wedding dance, she was a good sport about it.

I didn’t Have Plans

Everyone gets anxious before a big event. Making a significant shift from one part of your life to another is what I call a threshold event. It’s normal to feel nervous before a wedding as it is one of the most significant major life adjustments you will ever have to make. Some may worry so much that they end up saying the wrong thing or making a bad joke, like this exchange between the soon to be husband and wife.

Wedding Vows

To say it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for is, to put it mildly. The wedding vows, wherein the groom and bride sums up for their guests each their love for one another and all their hopes and dreams for the future, and it’s the most anticipated and essential part of the ceremony. For those getting married soon, it might be wise to write this down on the walls: This is not the time to wing it, because it will be a wedding fail!

A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding comes with some unique challenges and requires that couples think about things that anywhere else they might not need to consider (sunscreen, anyone?) So when her ring fell in the sand, a moment of horror flashed before the bride and groom’s eyes! Without a ring, the wedding could not continue and nobody could have prepared for that! Having to find the ring was enough to put the wedding ceremony on hold till the ring was retrieved!

Birthday Blunder

Weddings can sometimes bring out the best and the worst in people, and nevermind how much planning goes into the big day, there’s always an uncle who says something offensive or that friend that goes overboard with at the bar, whether they mean to or not. While some etiquette rules have gone become outdated, there are still some you must follow at every wedding. Stealing someone’s thunder on their wedding day may be one of those rules you would want to follow.

Help Me!

It may seem like the perfect day to share some wedding pranks, but with a word of caution though– this is the day the bride has been looking forward to her entire life, so we highly suggest the bride and/or groom plan the pranks! For this prank though, the bride and groom had no idea, only the guests sitting behind them had a full view of them and the note written underneath the groom’s shoes… Now that’s awkward.


Tradition may not be what it always was, but donning a white dress to a wedding when you are not the one getting married is still unacceptable. The reason for this is that the bride should always be the one to stand out on her wedding day. Of course, one of the ways she does just that is by being the only one in the room wearing white. We can only imagine there being a crazy story behind this, and why on earth this mother-in-law decided to wear that!

Regrettable Announcement

Not so long, a pregnancy announcement used to be something just between the parents and their closest family members. Still, nowadays, we’ve found the possibilities of social media and not one of our life’s milestones leave unnoticed, pregnancy included. Arguably, this trend started with Beyonce’s iconic pregnancy reveal photoshoot, after which cute baby announcements came pouring into our newsfeeds.

Good-Bye Cake!

The best part of wedding planning might be picking the cake. The flowers, the decor, the dress: they’re all just stressful headaches. At least with the wedding cake, you get to eat some delicious frosting while you figure out what to choose. The cake is a pretty big deal at a wedding, seeing as it will be on display for all to see. So what can go wrong when it comes to fondant and buttercream? It turns out the answer is: a whole lot.

Oh No!

If you can’t stage a hilarious or creative wedding shoot on purpose, winding up with one or two accidental funny photos is also okay to remember certain moments from the big day. Like when the groom’s sister was so grossed out by her brother’s kiss that she couldn’t help but make this face, lucky for us, it was caught on camera. If there’s ever a bad time to pull this facial expression, it’s probably in the middle of a sweet family wedding photo.

There’s Mess on Your Dress

When it comes to weddings, there are so many pieces of the puzzle; that, understandably, something will go wrong. Lipstick, coffee, food, anything can suddenly become anti-gravity and can land on your dress. It’s almost as if the disaster was meant to be, luckily this lady acted fast and went to fix the mess on her dress in the bathroom. Soon after though, another accident happened, and she was once again cleaning up and drying off in the bathroom.

Wardrobe Malfunction

When your wedding finally arrives, you’re on the ultimate cloud nine. Unfortunately, nothing can bring you crashing down to earth faster than a wardrobe malfunction that threatens to mar the vision you’ve come so close to executing. Take, wearing the wrong tux for example. We can’t help but wonder if the groom in question didn’t notice that his outfit was a bit snug or not even the right color? Either way, it sure makes for a good wedding fail story!

Melted Wedding Cake

Weddings are supposed to be a time showing the love between two people as they become committed to one another. Usually, there is food, drinks, dancing, pictures, and of course, the beloved wedding cake. And a wedding cake can have so many or even very little design features; it can be one tier or multiple tiers. Some brides will choose an elegant topper, while others prefer the simplicity, but there’s nothing like a good cake fail that makes us laugh out loud.

The Grim Reaper

If there’s one way someone could convey that they don’t approve of a wedding, it would probably look like this… Wearing white is a no-no, but traditionally, black is seen as the color of mourning and considered a faux pas for joyous events like wedding, but the rules around the color have definitely softened in recent years. However, being the mother in law may come across as a tad obvious, especially as she decided to sit in the back row…

Protesting Parents

Peace and harmony may be the goal at any wedding, but family dysfunction can come in many shapes and sizes and raise its ugly head during the most surprising times and solemn times. As we can see, the interaction between parents is at the core of these complicated dynamics, and we can’t help but laugh when we read this innocent exchange between the bride’s mother and father. Their little spat may have interrupted the service, but hopefully, it didn’t steal the show.

Late to the Wedding

For most brides-to-be, finding that perfect fairytale dress is their biggest concern when it comes to planning their wedding. And as accurate as that may be, it may be even harder to find a reliable dressmaker. With a lot to consider, all the little details need to be perfectly executed for the dress to come together exactly as the bride wants it. Even if the dress doesn’t look exactly as it should, we would at least be grateful that it was on time!

Who is Catherine?

What is it like to attend a wedding where the bride or groom says the wrong name at the altar? This Ross Geller-esque error is something that we are all familiar with, as we all saw it on the TV show Friends, and now that is truly embarrassing for all those involved. A similar blunder happened at this ceremony, and as confusing as it must have been for everyone, at least here it wasn’t the groom or bride that made the error, it was the priest!

That’s Not My Name

As most people know, when we’re nervous or anxious, our minds and bodies tend to do weird things that we can’t always control, like when we’re speaking in front of a large audience, there’s bound to be a little error here and there. This happened to one unfortunate maid of honor who shared her experience in a tweet. As funny as it may be for us now, it definitely was not funny for her at the time!

Well That’s Just Peachy

Weddings are a time in life when joy and happiness are supposed to be front and center, but the reality can be far from that. With complex family dynamics, weighty expectations, and others’ sense of entitlement – it can threaten to shade the big day and leave a bitter taste that hangs around longer than the rose petal confetti. It’s widespread for weddings to bring tensions to the surface, but who would have thought that the wrong shade of peach could do that.