Why French Gowns Are Taking Over American Weddings

Every so often a designer comes around and completely revolutionizes bridal style. These days, you can find something for everyone, from sweet and girly, to majestic, to casual and fun. As more brides decide to forgo the uncomfortable and unwieldy gown, however beautiful they may be, designers who are debuting simpler designs seem to be taking over the scene.

While there will always be some brides who wanted an easier gown for their big day, much of this new trend seems to be an import from France. French designers have been focusing on comfort and simplicity for much longer than homegrown designers, and now, American brides are starting to take notice.

“There’s a certain laid-back simplicity that characterizes French bridal style versus over-embellished and fussy styles that can oftentimes characterize the US bridal market,” shared Marisa Montalvo who co-owns a bridal shop in the Bay Area. “French bridal style is about exuding a sense of chic confidence. Styles are not over-the-top or risqué—less is more.” Montalvo was one of the first boutiques to begin featuring French bridal designs since the opened in 2016.

“We were looking for a line that was chic, cool, seductive, and laid back, which can be difficult to find in a wedding gown,” Montalvo adds. “There are so many thoughtful details that characterize Donatelle [Godart]’s aesthetic, like plunging necklines, low backs paired with free-flowing skirts, and unique lace and embroidered silks that are on another level.”

Another reason American women are loving French designs so much is that there’s more emphasis on the fabrics they use, rather than pesky, intricate details. French designed dresses feel nice against the skin, an element many brides don’t consider before their wedding days. Finding a dress that a bride can wear from morning to evening without becoming uncomfortable should be one of the first criteria a woman looks for, and French designers are on it.