The New Food Trends You Will Find At Weddings This Year

According to WeddingWire, 40 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Christmas, meaning there is a high chance many newly engaged couples are starting the process of planning their dream wedding this upcoming year. However, unlike previously traditional weddings, WeddingWire’s expert Anne Chertoff says there are new exciting food trends expected at weddings this year.


Pop of color Forget the high-tiered naked, white cakes. It is time for that pop of color with the traditional white frosting to make a standout statement. Think colored cake stands, colored filling, or even edible flowers, just to give the standard wedding cake a little change.

High-Low Dinner While many weddings stick to classics such as chicken and green beans for the meal, couples are now embracing comfort foods to feed their guests. However, caterers will be asked by couples to use decadent ingredients for the twist in these meals, such as mac and cheese with very expensive cheese in the mix.


Interactive Food According to Anne Chertoff, we’ll be seeing more engaging appetizer stations at weddings. Wedding guests will be free to sit down for their dinner, but they’ll also be the chance of a make your own sushi bar.

Tropical Touches The added touch to many dishes at weddings this year will be fruit. Chertoff has noticed that during any season, and whether the fruit is grilled or infused with alcohol, it will be there. This will always add a summery touch even during the winter wedding.


Mini Everything Chertoff suggests going minature for your wedding – after all, less is more. Think tiny shots of coffee or small-donuts for snacks. This way, it is easy to pass round the treat to guests while they’re enjoying themselves on the dancefloor. The bite-sized trend is now in high-gear, so this is expected across weddings throughout the year.