40+ Celeb Photoshop Fails That Have Got Us Shaking Our Heads

This article appeared in www.instantlymodern.com and has been published here with permission.
40+ Celeb Photoshop Fails That Have Got Us Shaking Our Heads

Let’s be honest — we’ve all dabbled in some Photoshop or airbrushing at some point. However, the trick to using those tools is that less is more and subtlety is key. Unfortunately, it seems that these celebs didn’t get the memo. They altered photos of themselves in such obvious ways that it’s basically comical! See these celebrities’ epic Photoshop fails and how they got called out!

Ariana’s Grande Hands

Ariana Grande took to Instagram to count down the release of her single “Focus”. However, a very specific part of the pint-sized singer was, well… grande. Ariana’s hand appears to be the size of her entire head!

Reddit // u/Baz2002

We can only assume that her giant hand is a side effect of an attempt to smooth out her arm that it’s covering up. So, how did the pop star respond to the clap back? She disabled the comments on Instagram. Clever.

The Missing Piece

As a Kardashian, Khloé is no stranger to altering photos. Despite the fact that she has a flawless body, the reality star decided that she needed to be a bit slimmer. She shaved down her waist but forgot to follow through with the slimming process.

Reddit // u/HeartShapedSea

The result? It looks like a chunk of her hip was taken out and her side body just awkwardly… stops at some point. To make matters worse, this picture is super grainy — leaving us to think that nothing we see here is to be believed.

A Hairy Situation

Selena Gomez’s hairstylist posted this photo in order to show off the pop star’s new haircut. Rather than let her work speak for itself, though, the stylist decided to edit the photo to make Selena’s hair appear more voluminous.

Facebook // Im The Biggest Fan Of Selena Gomez

Don’t believe us? Just check out the wall behind Selena’s flipped hair — it’s completely warped! While the singer/actress isn’t to blame for this one, she has been accused of editing her neck in various photos to make it seem slimmer. *Sigh*

Baby (Don’t) Got Back

Britney Spears recently shared a photo in which she’s laying on her back, chilling by her pool. However, the pop star’s back looks impossibly slim and that’s because it is!

Twitter // @britneyspears

If you look at the ground underneath her, it appears to be water, rather than the grass that Britney’s laying on — and the concrete has straight up disappeared! Either Britney has the strangest shaped pool of all time, or she’s altered this photo.