Bride Who Has ‘UK’s Biggest Feet’ Is On The Hunt For Wedding Shoes

This bride-to-be, Julie Felton, is on a mission to find the perfect wedding shoes. As most brides go through the same issue with some too high, some too sparkly, some too pointy, and some too white, Julie has a different sort of problem. The 49-year-old woman from Ellesmere, Shrops, is struggling to find pretty much any wedding shoe that will fit her size 15, 12 inch-long feet.

Julie has searched everywhere with no luck and is taking to the internet in seek of help. She is even considering having shoes made for the occasion but is unable to afford the ridiculous £1,000 price tag.

The 6ft 5in bride-to-be said, “As far as I know I must have the biggest feet of any woman in the country. Someone, somewhere might have a bright idea of how I can get a beautiful pair of wedding shoes without paying a small fortune. Just like any other bride I want my outfit to be perfect, including my shoes.”

The pharmacy technician from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital usually has to buy men’s shoes as she struggles to find women’s shoes to fit her large feet. This has been the same ever since she was a child, suffering from a growth disorder, she was always the larger one in the class. However, her disorder did not just affect her height but her feet too, which measure 12 inches (30.48cm).

This is not Julie’s first wedding as 24 years ago she had a pair of court shoes made especially for her. Yet, the divorcee, with great regret, dyed them black after her big day. Unfortunately, after looking around for months and days, Julie is still yet to find, and unable to purchase some for £1,000.

Julie is due to marry the man of her dreams, storeman Steve Evans, in April next year and hopes to find her dream shoes to fit for the big day. Her 6ft 3in husband-to-be, Steve, has spoken ahead of the day saying, “I can’t wait. I just hope we sort out the shoe situation.” Everyone get looking!