What Every Bride Must Know Before Meeting With A Potential Florist

Having beautiful flowers at a wedding can make all the difference and turn a simple event into a stunning and memorable one. Floral designer to the stars, Preston Bailey, explained “Flowers evoke a sense of celebration, there is a fine line between simple flowers and boring flowers. Make sure your flowers are not boring!”


When it comes to finding the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding, there is a lot to choose from and it can become quite overwhelming. As a result, Bailey has given brides the questions they need to be prepared for when they go into meeting with potential florist so they can work together effectively to achieve the look that the bride desired. These are the important things to know before a meeting:

Be Prepared For Questions

Bailey added “If I ask the right questions, every bride will tell me exactly what she wants, instead of being bombarded with images from Pinterest, I like to engaged in a gentle exploration of what a bride likes.” Therefore brides need to research colors, favorite flowers and inspiration.

Check Which Flowers Are In Season

This is crucial for people on a budget, Bailey explained “The easiest way to save money is by using seasonal flowers.”


Sparkle Goes A Long Way

Of course many brides want to have a classy and traditional wedding, many floral arrangements are given an extra touch with some hanging crystals or charms inside the bouquet. Bailey noted “While it depends on the bride if it’s for you, I happen to love me some sparkle, if used correctly it adds another dimension to the flowers.”

Train Trouble

Bailey added that some brides have intentions to walk down the aisle with petals all the way down, but it can often get caught in the dress and become a nightmare. Consider it before you do it.


White Wins

As for the bouquet, Bailey said “As much as I love color, I do recommend an all-white bouquet for the bride, if it’s color, your eyes automatically goes to the colors of the bouquet as the bride walks down the aisle, distracting from the bride and her dress.”

Crucial Questions

Bailey finished by stating that brides should not leave their appointments without asking these three questions. Firstly, ask if the flowers will be fully open for the wedding. Secondly, question if the containers for the flowers are bought or rented in case someone wants to take them home. Thirdly, ask about the leftover flowers and what they are going to do with them.