Bobby Berk Surprises Five Couples With Dreamy Backyard Weddings

Bobby Berk became a household name thanks to his time on the show “Queer Eye,” but his talents don’t end there. The TV host and interior designer surprised five couples with dreamy backyard weddings, and they were everything you can imagine.

Brent and Nyanka

A coastal wedding in the backyard? No problem for Brent and Nyanka – a couple who’ve been together since the eighth grade. Bobby Berk kept things casual with plenty of throws and pillows. The entire thing was complete with a host of wicker and rattan among the accent pieces.

James and Sonja

Modern and boho were on the menu for James and Sonja. Their beach-themed wedding combined bamboo chairs and deep blues with wildflowers and a neon sign to make the whole thing feel like a theme in its own right.

Lance and Milo

Their destination wedding might have been put on hold, but that didn’t stop Bobby from recreating the Meditteranean in Lance and Milo’s backyard. The wooden pergola offered the perfect base for the wedding, while the potted plants and natural elements all helped to tie things together.

Alexis and Mark

Alexis and Mark were dreaming of a log cabin wedding – and Bobby Berk didn’t disappoint. The canopy was filled with twinkling lights while pine trees became stands for hanging chandeliers. It only took a few delicate details to bring this log cabin to life.

Zach and Torrey

They might live in Texas, but Zach and Torrey wanted sand and succulents for their big day. Bobby Berk used neutral color palettes and different textures from his natural collection for the day. All he needed were a few small plants, and the couple had plenty of color injected into their day.

Bobby Berk has been completing people’s lives for years. Now, the star has also helped to start them off thanks to some surprise backyard weddings.

3 Industry-Favorite Fragrance You Should Try This Fall

The fall is all about nippy, sweater-worthy weather and lush green parks luring that are great backgrounds for you to click pictures for the ‘gram. However, scents form an integral part of this season too. And we are not talking about the kind of fragrance you get a whiff of while walking by your favorite café but the kinds that all fashion insiders are always talking about. Ahead, check out 3 must-have fragrances for the fall recommended by fashion insiders. Find your signature fragrance this season.

Chanel’s Gabrielle Eau De Parfum

This fragrance was launched in the year 2017 and created by Olivier Polge. It has the combined scents of woody and floral with a hint of musk. This scent is the perfect choice for those who wish to spend their day doing outdoorsy stuff or even walk by the brown leaves in a garden in a long sweater and black nail polish. After all, this fragrance keeps coming back as it is classic and simple too.

Malin + Goetz Leather Perfume Oil

This perfume oil is currently a favorite of many in the fashion and beauty world. Beauty insiders say that the fragrance is packed in a compact case, which makes it a convenient choice to carry along on a vacation. This scent is leathery, woodsy, and fresh. So, all you need is a little dab, and you are set for the rest of the day. So, the next time you plan a vacation, you know exactly which fragrance to take along.

Tocca Fragrance Spray Stella

It does not make sense to spritz yourself with a fragrance, especially at a time where work from home is the norm. However, things are finally going back to normal and people are stepping out for casual outings with only the closest friends and date nights. This means that many are going back to spraying on fragrances and many are choosing the one from Tocca.