8 Guest Book Alternatives To Make Your Wedding Memories Extra Magical

One day is never truly enough for the happiest day of someone’s life. In order to relive the magic, couples often provide guest books for their friends and family to sign – commemorating their best wishes. And if a book seems boring to you, well, you’re in luck! Here are some other exciting things you can give your guests to help them give back something for everyone to remember.

A wedding guest book is a lovely memento from your wedding day. It contains the messages and sentiments of your loved ones wishing you happiness, luck and endless joy for your marriage. Although a traditional guest book is a nice keepsake, there are many fun alternatives that let you and your partner’s personalities shine while providing an interactive activity for your guests to partake in. Here are 15 of the most creative and unique wedding guest book alternatives that we love.

Board games

You can’t have as much fun as a wedding every day, but board games make a great backup. Then again – why not have both? Get a giant hands-on game, like Scrabble or Jenga, and let people write their words and warm wishes onto the blocks so that you can remember your special day every time you play.

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8 Guest Book Alternatives To Make Your Wedding Memories Extra Magical

Date jar

Fun dates are a way to celebrate your love again and again as the years go by. Your friends and family can take their best date ideas, write them down on a little piece of paper, fold them up, and stick them in a jar. Every time you’re ready for a fun date, just pull a new idea out of the jar!


Take all that love and turn it into a warm…blanket! Prepare individual squares of fabric that you like, and have them ready at the station for people to write adoring notes on. Then sew them all together into a great big quilt – using their love to warm up when the temperatures drop.

8 Guest Book Alternatives To Make Your Wedding Memories Extra Magical

Decorated Bottles

It’s probably safe to say that plenty of bottles will be emptied throughout the course of your wedding. Why not keep them as memorabilia, and make them even more precious with personalized notes on them? Whether they’re holding flowers, flags, or simply decorating the walls, you’ll always love reflecting on their messages.

Polaroid photos

This is an obvious and easy one! Bust out the polaroid cameras, and give your guests the gift that gives back – a beautiful picture you’ll both get to keep forever, with space for a loving note added in at the bottom. At the reception, string up a clothesline with pins that they can put their pictures on display with to help decorate the affair. Make it even more fun with picture props.

8 Guest Book Alternatives To Make Your Wedding Memories Extra Magical

Puzzle pieces

At the end of the day, marriage is more like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together. So what could be more perfect a way to celebrate that than with a puzzle full of kind words from your guests? Make sure you have a box handy to keep them in, and pull the puzzle out whenever you feel for a good time with some sweet memories.


An extra special and practical place for people to put their wedding messages is on your household or holiday ornaments. Just imagine the memories from your special day decorating a Christmas tree! You can pull them out again and re-live the special day all over again, basking in their beauty for the season.

8 Guest Book Alternatives To Make Your Wedding Memories Extra Magical

Wishing stones

If you’re like us and love a good garden landscape, this will bring a whole new kind of magic to yours. Provide your guests with a collection of stones and pebbles, with markers to make each one a message of love. After the wedding, you can use them to decorate your garden, or even compile them all in a glass vase that will look great on display and can be taken down and re-explored anytime.