You Can Now Have Your Wedding In A Doughnut Shop

Everyone who has ever planned a wedding or assisted in planning one knows very well that one of the most important issues (if not the most important one) is finding a suitable venue.

The place chosen sets the mood and theme of the entire event – will it be somewhere romantic and with a natural picture-perfect setting like the beach, or perhaps it would be better to have the wedding in a place with historical significance?

Will the grand ballroom of a five-star hotel make the cut, or should you just go back to basics and have everyone come and celebrate in your parents’ backyard? Or, just maybe, you should drop your plans and party it up in Portland, Oregon’s Voodoo Doughnut shop!


Brides magazine recently informed its large based audience of readers that you can now have a wedding ceremony at any of the seven Voodoo Doughnut locations, which are located in Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Eugene, and Portland.


“[Pogson] and I were Universal Life ministers before we went into the doughnut business,” said Tres Shannon, the co-owner, and founder of Voodoo.

She and Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson opened their first shop in 2003, and within its first week of opening, the place was already booked for wedding ceremonies.

“We felt pretty much since day one that we should have a ceremony,” Shannon told Brides. “Why not weddings? Doughnuts and weddings, they go together great.”


An additional advantage to the “doug-nut say no” package is that it saves the young couple quite a few bucks. Disregarding the fact highly decorated cakes wind up emptying your pocket for thousands of dollars and that the average wedding cake costs about $580, the following deal seems more than tempting.

For only $300, you can now have your Voodoo wedding through a package deal that includes a ceremony, doughnuts, and coffee. We don’t see how it can get any better than that…