Wedding Planning Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Fans of the hit  TV series, Game of Thrones, know better than to expect a happy ending from a union on the show. Despite their gruesome reputation, there are a few lessons from Westeros we can apply to planning our own weddings.

Don’t Upset Your Mother In Law


We all know someone who seems to have the worst mother in law in existence, but if we think about it from Margery Tyrell’s perspective, her grandmother plotted to take down Joffrey to protect her granddaughter.

If you find your mother in law is acting irrationally, perhaps think of it from the perspective of the Purple Wedding. She just wants the best for her son, even if you aren’t Game of Thrones level of problematic.

It’s especially difficult for mothers to let go of the influence they’ve generally had over their sons. To help bridge the gap, try to include your mother in law as you plan, especially if she has expertise in some area or another.

Consider Your Guest List Carefully


If we learned anything from the infamous Game of Thrones episode, “The Red Wedding:, it’s 1. the Freys cannot be trusted, and 2. think carefully about who you’ll be inviting.

Things might not be as dramatic as Walder Frey’s revenge for Robb Stark jilting his daughter, but if we put it into modern terms, inviting Robb is like inviting an ex to your wedding.

If you can avoid it, you probably should. Something else to consider is if any other guests have major beef with one another. The open bar is a great way to exacerbate existing tensions, so try to avoid the situation if you can.

Be Conscious Of Your Audience


Daenerys was quite unprepared for the festivities that took place at her first wedding, but all of the craziness was a major part of the culture into which she was marrying.

What that means is, don’t have a Dothraki style wedding with a Westerosi guest list. While it may work to have exotic dancers and duels for them, your family may not take as kindly to it.

Even if you and your spouse to be are huge hip hop fans, grandma may not be as keen on the sound. It’s fine to cater to your tastes at your wedding, but try to find a balance that everyone, even grandma, can enjoy.