Add A Dash Of Childhood Whimsy To Your Wedding With Bouncy Castles!

In recent years, an increasing number of couples are opting to make their weddings fall more on the fun side, rather than the serious and stuffy side. From food trucks to pre-wedding activities to make it yourself food bars, weddings are becoming increasingly interactive.

If you always wanted to add a dash of nostalgia to your wedding, you could, of course, opt for something like a soft serve ice cream bar, or you can opt for a new level of fun with a wedding bouncy castle.

The trend seems to have begun in England, where there are a number of companies offering the service for couples to rent on their big day. Don’t worry that your affair might look like a kid’s birthday party, unless that’s the kind of whimsy you’re aiming for.

These grown-up bouncy castles have managed to be classy, even while retaining the fun and joy we all felt upon floating through the air during our childhoods. The English company, A Wedding Wonderland, is one of the most prominent of these rental companies, as they’ve popularized the concept across social media.

As with all good things, it’s a matter of time before wedding bouncy castles made their way across the pond, though as of yet, there are no companies exclusively catering to weddings in the United States. Given the simplicity of the request, an all-white bouncy castle, some of which are also adorned with curtains and flowers, it seems only natural that a plethora of suppliers will be popping up in the near future.

As demonstrated by several of the English bouncy castle companies, there are numerous ways for brides and grooms to customize the attraction to match with the theme of the rest of their party, including ways to add your wedding colors or favorite flowers.