The Ultimate Fall Wedding Menu: Where Colors Meet Comfort

So…you’ve decided on a fall wedding. The temperatures may be dropping, but the colors are POPPING. That being said, it’s important that your guests stay as warm as the many fiery hues around them – and the best way to make sure of it?

Food, of course!

Although you can’t decide how many layers your attendees will don for the day (besides your trusted bridesmaids who have to do and wear what you say), you can decide what they’ll eat. Everyone knows the best way to warm up is from the inside out.

The Ultimate Fall Wedding Menu: Where Colors Meet Comfort

Top catering chefs have chimed in to help you create a menu that will fight off the chill and instantly put smiles on everyone’s faces, while using seasonal ingredients that won’t break the bank. Because nothing says joy like hot food on a cool day. Along with this awesome hack to bring the fall colors right into your wedding, here are some of the best dishes to serve at your fall wedding.

Roasted Brussel Sprout & Meatball Skewers

Brussel sprout enthusiasts who cry every year that this earthly gift is only celebrated for one day (that would be Thanksgiving), rejoice! Split these in half and slide them onto sticks to enjoy their naturally perfect flavor under a light charring. With hot, juicy meatballs in between (but without the mess of a meatball dish), you better make sure there’s an unlimited supply.

The Ultimate Fall Wedding Menu: Where Colors Meet Comfort

Miniature Soup Cups

Or, comfort cups, as we like to call them. They are always the perfect temperature and will help the crowd get filled without getting full. Take this awesome addition to the next level with mini grilled cheese triangles that your friends and family have been waiting for an excuse to enjoy.

Wood-Fired Pizzas

Pizza is the go-to group meal for a reason: everybody loves it. And everybody will especially love the warmth that a wood-fire oven brings to the outdoor chill at a fall wedding. If you urgently need to find a guest, you can probably catch them hanging out by the pizza oven to capitalize on its warm embers.

The Ultimate Fall Wedding Menu: Where Colors Meet Comfort

Grilled Sliders

Get your buns or biscuits ready to be filled with hearty goodness. Maple pulled pork, honey fried chicken, smoky brisket or some grilled veggies with a kick will all have any fall wedding guest drooling.

Cauliflower Mash or Sweet Potato Puree

What would a fall wedding menu be without potatoes? Regular or sweet (or both!), serve this seasonal classic mashed up and easy to grab.


The amazing thing about charcuterie boards, other than how simply delicious and effortless they are, is that there is a perfect one for every season! For a fall wedding, these boards should include heartier cheeses, crunchy nuts, and seasonal fruits such as grapes and apples.

The Ultimate Fall Wedding Menu: Where Colors Meet Comfort