Taco Bell Just Released Their Own Wedding Day Merchandise

Just when Taco Bell couldn’t win you over anymore with their finger-licking fast food goodness, they’ve gone above and beyond, and are now offering wedding merchandise. While this may be a world away from Crunch Wrap Supremes and Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell is proving that they have everything you need right through their doors.


Their new collection of wedding day accessories includes champagne flutes, bride and groom T-shirts, and even a garter belt. This follows from last year’s wedding chapel that Taco Bell opened at their Las Vegas Cantina flagship restaurant so that their loyal customers can show they have a love for more than just the Tex-Mex eatery.

This new collection was once only available through Taco Bell’s $600 package, which included a 12-pack of tacos, obviously. However, those not looking to run off to Nevada to tie the knot have the chance to bag some of Taco Bell’s finest accessories.


The Taco Bell-themed garter, bow tie, and T-shirts are now all available online, giving everyone the Taco Bell wedding experience. “The idea of enabling some of our most fervent and creative fans to express their love (for each other and tacos) with a Taco Bell wedding was certainly our idea of matrimonial bliss. However, the desire we have witnessed this year for Taco Bell weddings has exceeded all our expectations,” said Marisa Thalberg, chief brand officer of Taco Bell.

“In just one year,” she continued, “we have had over 60 couples, averaging more than one per week, tie the knot with us at our Las Vegas Cantina. And as we round this anniversary, we are excited to make future ceremonies even bigger and better than before.”


Meanwhile, their Taco Bell Las Vegas wedding has had such popular demand, that the eatery has made their party room even larger to fit more guests.