Sustainable Wedding Inspiration From This Jersey Couple

Sustainable weddings are becoming more and more popular as people want to lower their impact on the environment while still creating the perfect big day. Taking a look at some sustainable wedding inspiration from this Jersey couple might be enough for some ideas.

Keeping Things Local

Our big day often means that we have to invite people from across the nation and perhaps even the world to celebrate by our side. Thankfully, this Jersey couple found a way to host a sustainable wedding by planning it at the groom’s childhood home. This meant there was far less travel as they set up for the ceremony.

Crafting The Event

The wedding arch isn’t only recycled wood from around the home, it’s also all handmade by the bride and groom themselves. This Jersey couple wanted to make sure they had a minimal impact on the local wildlife with their outdoor wedding. All they needed were a few branches and some carefully grown flowers to create the perfect centerpiece.

Growing The Flowers

Believe it or not, but this sustainable wedding took things one step further as the couple grew their own flowers. They then carefully dried the pens they wanted to use to make sure they had the best selection for the day. The best bit? The pair even created paper flowers to stand in for certain decorations.

Very Important Guest

Of course, the wedding wasn’t complete without the beloved dog who stepped in as ring bearer for the day. To save on wasting materials, the couple made their own name places and used a globe as a guestbook. As if that wasn’t enough, they even used a map as a seating chart for their Jersey wedding.

A sustainable wedding can often be even more beautiful than a conventional one as you get to celebrate your love and help preserve the environment, too.