Top 3 Spring Wedding Trends of 2022

Top 3 Spring Wedding Trends of 2022

Before the bright summer sunshine comes spring with all its warmth, softness, and refreshing vibe. The wedding ceremonies also reflect the innate essence of spring with all its styles and concepts. Here are a few trends which are going to rule the spring wedding season this year.

Naked Wedding Cake

A spring wedding calls for everything fresh, natural, and beautiful. While those gorgeous white wedding cakes remain forever timeless, this spring the trend is veering towards natural beauty. Dominating the trend for spring weddings this year is the bold and beautiful wedding cake, ablaze in all its naked glory. Forget the frostings and the fondants. Couples can choose from a wide range of flavored fillings, and also opt for one with different flavored tiers. Spring decorations like fresh blooms or fruits complete the cakes.

Bridesmaid Dresses With Soft Textures and Pale Palette

Top 3 Spring Wedding Trends of 2022

A spring wedding is all about a relaxed vibe. Imitating the same vibe, delicate and muted colored dresses for bridesmaids are the popular choice this year for the spring season. Matching the freshness of wind, these light and flowy dresses are made with soft textured fabrics and come in a calming color palette with pale pastel shades. Whether matching with the bridal gown, or in complementary styles, the carefully crafted neutral color palette of bridesmaid dresses creates a perfectly relaxing soft color scheme, bringing out the naturally fresh essence of spring weddings.

Alfresco Reception or Open-Air Dining

Spring is possibly the most beautiful season to enjoy nature at its best. So, why cover the space when you can enjoy the celebration immersed in fresh breezes and starry sky? That’s why the spring weddings of this year are coming with more outdoor celebration concepts. An open-air reception arrangement with a tent-like setting and hanging light fixtures will elevate the evening buffet after the ceremony. And is there anything more romantic than the first dance in the breeze, as you soak up the soft light emanating from the sunset?