To Send A Gift To A Couple That Eloped Or Not?

Eloping couples was once reserved for star-crossed lovers. However, that is all changing as more and more couples run away to enjoy their big day in peace. The question is: should you send a gift to a couple that eloped or not?

Should You Give A Gift A Gift Or Not?

There is a lot less pressure to send a gift to a couple that eloped, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on one. If you’re close with one of both halves of the couple, then it’s usually a good idea to send them something. That is unless they have asked people to refrain from sending them anything.

How Much Should You Spend?

This can be a tough question for anyone, let alone a couple that eloped. The usual rule is to spend around $25 if you know them as a friend. This can increase to $50 if you are especially close and go all the way to $100 or more if you’re related or inseparable.

When Do You Give The Gift?

You might not find out that a couple eloped until days, weeks, or months after the wedding. Thankfully, it’s never too late to send a wedding gift. Of course, sending the present as soon as possible is best, but if they have kept it a secret, then as soon as you know is more than acceptable.

What If You Feel Excluded?

It can be easy to feel excluded when a couple elopes. However, that’s usually not their reason behind running off to get married. If you’re close with the couple and want to ensure your relationship continues, it’s typically best to put your feelings to one side.

There are plenty of reasons that couples decide to elope. Hopefully, it should be long before you’re picking out a wedding gift to send to a couple that eloped to help make their quieter day even more memorable.