The Rules You Need To Know About Buying Wedding Gifts

Buying a wedding gift can be an agonizing experience, especially given the intricacies of knowing just how much to spend, figuring out what the pair might like, or if they’d be insulted by giving them money. The experience doesn’t have to be so torturous however, especially if you keep the following guidelines in mind.

For starters, the price of the wedding itself should have no bearing on how much guests spend on gifts. A more casual daytime wedding and a formal night time affair should have the same price tag with regards to the money spent.

The more important question is how well you know the bride and groom. It’s generally accepted that close friends should spend an average of $99 each for their wedding gifts. Family, on the other hand, is expected to spend a little bit more,with their purchases clocking in at an average of $127. If you aren’t so well acquainted though, than the minimum acceptable amount is a gift that’s something between $50 and $75.

You might be wondering about some of those higher priced items that the couple put on their registry. You may not have the means to buy something of that caliber alone, in which case, it is ok to pitch in with several other friends so you can get a bigger piece of equipment for the couple to cherish.

This strategy is especially helpful for the members of the wedding party, who are already putting in a lot of cash for a variety of other wedding festivities, not to mention attire.

The rules for destination weddings are a little bit different, of course. Given that most couples understand the expenses entailed in joining a wedding that is far away from home, just joining the wedding is often an acceptable gift for a couple who chose to marry at an off the beaten track venue.