This Rosé Champagne Cake Is The Perfect Addition To Wedding Festivities

The rosé trend may be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for tired concoctions featuring the brew. A new treat for your wedding day could be this twist on the classic glass of bubbly, as a rosé champagne is featured center stage in this elegant cake.

Maybe you’ve been looking for an out of the box flavor to accompany your nuptials, or you just want to try something different for your engagement party. Any competent baker who specializes in wedding cakes should be able to accommodate the request, as champagne, wine, and other spirits have long been a popular addition to desserts.

While everything rosé may be especially trendy now, the inspiration behind this gorgeous confection is a popular recipe from the 1960s that made ample use of pink champagne. A general rule when baking with alcohol is to never bake (or cook) with anything you wouldn’t otherwise drink.

A rich and fruity pink champagne works especially nicely in a cake, as the floral notes are highlighted by the other ingredients. There’s another advantage to choosing a cake spiked with bubbly: the natural carbonation will make the treat especially light and fluffy.

As for decorations, many bakers opt to add in a small amount of pink food coloring in order to highlight the featured ingredient. On its own, the champagne will add far more flavor than it will color, but if you’re drawn to pastel pinks or even rose gold, as is all the rage lately, a bit of added coloring, plus a touch of edible glitter will really do the drink.

For an even more elegant surprise, fill each layer with rosé buttercream and strawberries, which will sparkle brightly when the cake is opened. Finished with a sprinkle of edible flowers, you couldn’t have a more beautiful dessert for your special day.