The Most Romantic Ways You Can Propose to Your Significant Other at Home

If you’ve found the person who makes you utterly and ridiculously happy and planned to propose to them during the springtime, then you may have found that your proposal plans have been thwarted. After all, you can’t take them to your favorite restaurant, you can’t head outside for a romantic picnic, and you can’t think up another elaborate plan that involves being out of the house and breaking lockdown rules. Thankfully, there are so many romantic ways to propose to your significant other in your own home.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

You can’t head out to their favorite restaurant, so why not bring their favorite restaurant to them? You could either find a recipe online that you could make yourself, or you could contact the restaurant and see if they’ll give you any pointers. Then, when they are full of delicious food, you can pop the question.

Host A Virtual Party

If you want your friends and family to witness the proposal, this could be the perfect time to host a virtual party where all of them are invited. You and your significant other could dress to the nines, you could pour out some delicious cocktails, and you could even blast the music before getting engaged in front of your loved ones.

Have An At-Home Picnic

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, you could definitely use this to your advantage during your proposal. You could wait for the sun to start setting, cover your yard with fairy lights and candles, open a bottle of wine, and just enjoy each other’s company as the sun fades and the moon and the stars come out to play. Then, simply whip out the ring and ask the all-important question. It’ll be super romantic, we swear.

Just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t propose to the love of your life, you know. These proposal ideas are incredibly romantic.