Top Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers

The flower arrangements for any wedding are generally the most adored and admired decoration among all the others present. But what’s waiting for them after the reception? Top floral experts of the industry have suggested a few unique and innovative ways to repurpose your buds from the big day.

Presenting to the Guests

The principal designer and owner of Olive Willow Design, Alise Davis, suggests one of the best and easiest ways to dispose of your fantastic wedding florals. At the end of the reception, think of recycling your floral centerpieces by gifting them to your guests. It will be a good and thoughtful gesture, and the guests also will have a souvenir to take home.

Giving Back to the Community

Another way to gift your wedding flowers is to donate them off to places which need color and cheer. Think of your local hospitals, nursing homes, old-age homes, orphanages, etc. Davis recommends pre-arranging a professional pick-up delivery after the ceremony. It’s an incredible way to give back to the community and to give your wedding flowers another life simultaneously.

Preparing a Bouquet Station

If you want to gift your wedding florals to the guests, why not do something fun and creative with it? Lyndsey Hamilton, the founder and creative director of her eponymous company sends her teams with twines and kraft papers in wedding ceremonies. They wrap each table arrangement into individual bouquets. According to Hamilton, guests love these surprise crafty goodbye gifts. To make it more fun, you can even arrange a DIY bouquet station for the willing guests.

Decorating the Next Day Brunch

The chief marketing officer at Tinsel & Twine, Erica Taylor, has seen her fair share of repurposed wedding blooms. She has mainly seen the florals taken home by the clients to be reused at the morning-after brunch. According to Taylor, it’s an innovative and cost-effective idea for the newlyweds to incorporate the floral creations into the following day’s festivities.

Oscar de la Renta’s New Bridal Collection Is More Than Just Wedding Gowns

Brides are not limiting themselves to a wedding gown these days. They want dresses for other events like the rehearsal dinner and after-party too. Kim and Garcia are in the know about this rising trend through their two flags Los Angeles and New York as well as their global retailers. This trend led to the creation of Oscar de la Renta’s Bridal Fall 2022 capsule. It was more like a trousseau.

Shorter Dresses Please

The entire collection includes outfits for each event that surrounds the wedding like the wedding rehearsal dinner, after-party, among other events. There are mini dresses and train-free gowns that look refreshing. Garcia said in an interview that since the pandemic, weddings are a little more informal. Also, more women are opting for shorter dresses rather than classic floor-length ones. It only makes sense. How else will they have a great time dancing to their favorite tunes, carefree? The designer further explained that shorter dresses allow brides to accessorize their outfits and with a pretty earring or a gorgeous pair of shoes.

The Ball Gowns

The Oscar de la Renta gowns for the main ceremony include ones that are fit-and-flare, have fuller ball gowns, and a really low back. These designs and cuts are quite different from the traditional gowns. The theme notes that a bride also enjoys making fashion statements that ooze drama, grandeur, and beauty. However, just like the collection showcases, a bride’s interpretation of a fashion statement is different.

Nothing Beats Short Dresses

The red carpet feel of the main ceremony gowns and its grandeur, all stood out. They were stunning pieces that any bride would have loved to wear on her special day. However, it is safe to say, nothing beats the mini dresses and the styling that highlights the individual personality. It ruled this season and Kim and Garcia agree on it, too.