Real Brides Embrace the Skin They’re in for Their Wedding Day

Think back to your wedding day, and you’ll probably recall every little detail with absolute clarity—your hair, your makeup, what you wore (or didn’t wear), and how you felt walking down the aisle towards your intended. But do you remember the hassle and stress of worrying about your skin? Well, no more. Real brides are learning to love their skin and the stretch marks that come with it, on their wedding day! These four influencers are speaking up for brides and how they should embrace their real selves.

Stop Chasing the ‘Perfect Body’

Wedding planning can be stressful for any bride, but it’s important to remember that your wedding day is about you and your fiance, not impressing everyone else. Victoria Garrick, D1 athlete and the host of the Real Pod podcast, actively speaks out against diet culture and suggests that people should move past the use of phrases like ‘shedding for the wedding.’ Similarly, she encourages brides to accept their body types and order dresses as per their comfort levels and fits. Finally, she wants brides to remember that a wedding is all about celebrating love, and not looks. It’s the couple that matters, not how they look.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Bri Obaseki is a curvy model and content creator who actively advocates rejecting the image-based pressures that come along with weddings. However, she also highlights another pressure that modern-day brides feel. It’s the tussle between being traditional or unorthodox for the wedding celebration. She advocates opting for the method which gives the couple the best moments during the most important day of their lives.

Focus on the Positive

Joci Scott is an actress, content creator, and disability activist and has some advice for those who want to be the perfect bride on their wedding day. First, remember that this is your day, and you should enjoy every minute of it, she says. Second, don’t compare yourself to anyone else – focus on being the best you can be. Third, be confident in your skin and embrace your natural beauty. Fourth, focus on the positive – what you love about yourself and your body. Finally, remember that if someone doesn’t like what they see or comments on how they would’ve done something differently, they’re not worth your time.

Rest and Relax Before the Big Day

Kristine is the founder and influencer behind TrendyCurvy. She states that being a bride is one of the most memorable moments in a woman’s life. It’s a time when you get to be surrounded by your closest friends and family, all while looking your absolute best. She advises that the bride should get plenty of rest leading up to her wedding day, so she can look fresh and radiant on the big day. She should also eat healthily and drink lots of water, so her skin will look its best. She’s a firm advocate of accepting your body size and encourages brides to be confident with the way they are, rather than trying to fit into a preconceived image of a bride.

Grooms Also Change Outfits at Their Wedding

A wedding ceremony is the ultimate ‘go big’ day for both brides and grooms. From full-length bridal gowns in the ceremony to party-ready dresses in the evening, changing outfits in weddings has been a standard practice for the brides. But, why should girls have all the fun? Outfit changes for grooms are becoming more popular by days. Like the brides, modern grooms today are all in to rock a second epic look on their wedding day.

Why Change Outfits?

The biggest reason for brides opting for an outfit change is to wear an elaborate wedding gown for the ceremony, but swap it later for a more comfortable and practical number after the formalities are over. The same reason can be played for grooms also. Context or coherent theme can also bear a major role here. After adorning a traditional attire for the formal ceremony, the newlyweds can change into bespoke reception outfits reflecting their couple styles, tastes, or family traditions.

When to Change Outfits?

Between the ceremony and the reception, there is a definite change of tone in every wedding. So, changing the suit is most suited here. Another prime time to change the outfit is before heading to the cocktail hour. During this time, the guests tend to enjoy themselves more, than to worry about the bride and groom all the time. This gives a perfect opportunity for the groom to swap a shirt, shed some layers, or change few accessories and make a surprise reappearance with another jaw-dropping killer look.

How to Change Outfits?

Style experts suggest the grooms to go for a timeless look in their wedding ceremony by sticking with classic and elegant attire. They can freely opt for bolder choices during the reception and cocktail party. A three-piece tuxedo with a perfectly tied bowtie is the ultimate classic look for any groom. Trading the black tuxedo jacket for a white dinner coat, and swapping the bowtie with a slim tie, will deliver a different fresh vibe in the reception, just as easily and affordably.