Before Picking A Wedding Cake, Read These Dos and Don’ts

Both literally and figuratively, eating the cake is the sweetest part of any wedding. The vows have been spoken, the rings have been exchanged, and it’s time to celebrate the newly wedded couple.

But when the slices get distributed out and everyone digs in, that first bite better be good…otherwise, some people might take bad cake as a bad sign for the marriage.

Before Picking A Wedding Cake, Read These Dos & Don’ts

Of course, ‘good’ is subjective. But there are some clearly winning tips to make sure your cake is doing the right thing for the festivities. Make sure you follow this simple guideline before even approaching the cake selection for your wedding.

1. Don’t choose until you’ve made your major wedding style decisions.

The cake of your dreams might not match the wedding you actually begin to plan after you’ve picked your venue, gotten your RSVP’s, and ordered the grand old catering. Budget for everything else first, so that your cake can be the last thing to really tie the room together. That will allow it to complement the other decorations, and the dinner menu as well.

2. Keep the weather in mind.

A tropical island wedding sounds great, but not if ice cream melts all over your guests…and your dress. There are many ingredients that don’t fare as well in the heat as they do in the cold, and vice versa.

Before Picking A Wedding Cake, Read These Dos & Don’ts

3. Have a detailed delivery plan.

Wouldn’t it be just terrible if your cake was delivered to the wrong place on the day of? Well, it might be nice for the accidental recipients…but just make sure that doesn’t happen by having your delivery planned out with no details to spare: where it goes, who’s waiting to take it, and what conditions it needs to be kept in.

4. Allocate time for putting it together.

It’s not rare for cakes to require some assemblage on the actual day of the wedding, and if time is a crunch – which it will be – you don’t want to suddenly hear that the cake is going to get cut from the ceremony.