A Quick Guide for Writing a Constructive Wedding Vendor Review

Anyone who’s been through the process of planning a wedding knows how helpful a clear and honest review can be. With so many professionals out there to choose from, benefitting from other young couple’s experiences can be crucial for the decision-making process.

Reviews can help people find vendors that fit their style, budget, and preferences, but only if they’re truthful and well written. Here are a few helpful tips on writing reviews that will be useful to both the vendor and their clients:

Be Honest and Specific

Giving an honest opinion is very important and should always be done politely. If the service wasn’t worth five stars and some areas can be improved upon, offering constructive criticism graciously will make the review more valuable to the vendor. Another important step is to mention all the things that were done properly. How welcoming and competent the team was, were there moments when their expertise truly shined, were they diligent, responsive, and truly dedicated to the client’s happiness.

A Quick Guide for Writing a Constructive Wedding Vendor Review

Make Sure Your Review Is Clear

While writing a post, however excited we may get about sharing all the details, it’s important to keep the message clear, relatable, and concise. That’s why reading and editing once or twice before posting the message is always recommended. The point is to make sure that the feedback is helpful to vendors and other clients, and not confusing or full of unnecessary and unrelatable details. Keeping the post polite and constructive, as well as staying away from all caps, will help make a valid point, be it positive or negative.

A Quick Guide for Writing a Constructive Wedding Vendor Review

Give Credit Where It’s Due

If there were certain members of the team that did an especially good job, it’s important to mention them by name. Learning that a company has a planner that excels at specific aspects of event organizing or that takes a personal interest in every event they work on is beneficial for brides and grooms to be. Knowing who to request makes a big difference.