The Best Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids

The moment has finally come when the love of your life has gotten down on one knee and proposed with your dream engagement ring. After all the hype and hysteria with calling all of your loved ones to share the good news, you get to planning the big day. First things first: Deciding your bridesmaids.

Once you have written down a list of your favorite girls in the world, it is time to make your own proposal, and “propose” to your bridesmaids. After all, you are asking them to be a part of the biggest day of your life, and their role in the wedding is pretty big. So, what are the best ways to propose to your bridesmaids?


Confetti Balloon

Nothing makes a celebration more complete than the addition of balloons. This personalized balloon is a great way to ask your best friend if she will be your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid.



Let your friends piece it all together so they can celebrate with screams and cries when they complete the puzzle and read the final message.


Glass Cup

Another cute and personalized idea is to give them something they can keep forever. Working as a constant reminder of the role they got to play in your big day every time they go to have a glass of water.



Make it official with an invite into your ‘Bride Tribe,’ the greatest tribe to be a part of when the big day arrives. What’s better, is that they do not even have to RSVP since you’ve welcomed them straight away!


Treat Them To A Gift

Girls love jewelry, so how about treating them to a pair of earrings that they can wear when they play bridesmaid. It will be the gift they all get to wear when they watch you walk down the aisle.