The Guide To Help You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

A lot of work can go into planning your wedding, but it is the theme which holds significant importance because that can dictate the dresses, the venue, the food, and the decor.

While this can put some stress or pressure on the bride and groom, it can also be extremely fun and, if you follow these five steps, it’ll be a breeze!


1. Stay True to You For your wedding, you are inviting your guests to the biggest day of your life, so it is good to make it completely your own. It is the moment you and your future spouse can reflect the style you both wish to maintain throughout your relationship and it is a time to show why you make the perfect couple. At the end of the day, this day should be planned by what will make you both happy and most comfortable. Your guests will love the way it has that personal touch.


2. Define Your Couple Style Are you a traditional couple who enjoy the romantic element and the church ceremony? Or do you just love being outdoors and in the sunshine? Then perhaps somewhere looking over the ocean, or even on the beach! Whatever you choose, make it so you can both highlight the special side of your relationship.


3. Re-Live Important Memories Bring a unique memory as a couple into your wedding theme, whatever it may be. Did you go to the theater on your first date? Then perhaps having a popcorn stand at the end of the meal will be a nice touch. Did you meet at a party? Then play the song you remember from that party. The tiny details may not be known to all your guests but will have that special touch for you and your future spouse.


4. Think of Your Favorite Things Your favorite color, your favorite place in the world, or your favorite film, can all contribute to finding your perfect theme. Think of all things that make you happy and incorporate it into the wedding theme, and you are sure to have the best wedding possible.