Newlywed Gets Wedding Dress Back After It Was Stolen From Her Car

Many brides want something old, new, borrowed, and blue for their wedding. Well, one bride’s dress ended up being “borrowed” in the days following her big day. More specifically, it was “something stolen.”

stolen 1

Jessica Blackwell couldn’t believe her luck when she found out that her beautiful wedding dress had been stolen. It seemed to have been nestled safely in the trunk of her husband’s car. However, upon opening the trunk, the dress was nowhere to be seen.

The crime had occurred just outside the couple’s apartment in Indianapolis. The reason the dress was in the trunk was that it had gotten a little muddy during the newlyweds’ big day. Jessica’s husband was planning on taking the dress to the dry cleaners, only to discover that the someone else was happy to “do their dirty laundry.” Astounded by the sheer audacity of the crime, the couple took to social media.

stolen 2

Blackwell ended up posting on Facebook about the unbelievable incident, describing the mermaid-style dress. Her hope was that if the thief in question tried to re-sell the dress, then someone might recognize it online.

“I hope they know that they can just leave it on the porch,” she said. “You’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll feel better about what your decisions are. Just please bring it back, because it’s really important to us.”

Surely enough, Jessica’s plan to advertise the dress online was met with success. Although it’s not clear whether it was simply a good Samaritan or the actual thief, somebody contacted her regarding the dress.

stolen 3

It turns out that the person in question had the dress and after seeing Jessica’s post on Facebook, they were determined to return the dress back to her. Jessica and her husband are thrilled to see the gown back in their closet. “I am just blessed,” she said.