A Look Inside a Million Dollar Fairytale Wedding

Stunning flower décor with billions of blooms, artificially created enchanted forest, nine-tier flower-covered wedding cake, nearly $200,000 worth of jewelry, three bedazzling couture gowns, and a live performance by Maroon 5! When the groom is the son of a Russian oligarch, no expense is spared in arranging the wedding extravaganza of the decade!

The Ceremony and the Décor

In 2016, Sargis Karapetyan (23) married his Georgian bride Salome Kintsurashvili (25) in a lavish ceremony costing over $2 million. The opulent wedding bash was thrown by the groom’s father, Armenia-born Russian billionaire Samvel Karapetyan, who holds the 28th position on the Forbes Russian Rich List. The ceremony was held in Safisa, one of the most luxurious venues in Moscow. The spectacular venue featured thousands of flowers including a flower wall, fairy lights, an enchanting light arch, and an artificial forest. The whole area was bathed in a purple glow, giving the décor an incredible storybook vibe.

The Bride’s Clothes

The gorgeous bride reportedly wore three different designer gowns, including a $35,000 worth glittering Elie Saab number featuring long sleeves and a train. She subsequently changed into an Alessandra Rich lace gown and lastly a traditional wedding dress. The bride was decked in Tiffany jewelry worth around $200,000, including the famed Tiffany Savoy headpiece, worn by actress Carey Mulligan in the movie The Great Gatsby.

The Guests and Entertainment

The nuptial bash was attended by a slew of Armenian, Russian, and Georgian politicians, socialites, and celebrities. Even the then president of Armenia, Serzh Sargisyanu was on the guest list. Around $500k-$800k were spent to bring in Maroon 5 for a live performance. When the bride joined lead singer, Adam Levine, on the stage to sing along, it was surely a dream come true for her as well as many onlookers! Ukrainian pop singer Vera Brezhneva, Russian television personality Andrey Malakhov, and many renowned singers were also present there to entertain the newlyweds and their guests.

How To Sync The Wedding Dress And Wedding Suit

The big day is supposed to be all about the bride and groom sharing their love for one another. While you might want to stand out, what about if you want to look as though you are supposed to be by one another’s side? Here’s how to sync the wedding dress and wedding suit.

Pick A Theme

A great way to sync the wedding dress and wedding suit is to pick a theme. This could be anything from your favorite style of fashion to a franchise you love. Whatever the case, the bride and groom both need to be on the same page.

Choose Matching Flowers

Flowers typically make up a considerable part of the wedding. Why not use them as a way to combine the wedding suit and dress? The bouquet can be an inspiration for the groom’s buttonhole, or you could incorporate a flower crown.

Use Accessories

Accessories are subtle yet powerful additions. You can sync your wedding looks in many ways, such as wearing matching jewelry or accessories made from the same material. Why not combine your wedding gifts with your look and get matching his and hers watches?

Cover Small Details

Even opting for similar colors, such as lipstick and a tie, can help to sync wedding outfits. You could even wear the same socks or similar shoes for a more subtle approach.

Combine Clothes

One easy way to sync the wedding dress and wedding suit is to wear matching clothes. No, this doesn’t mean you both need to wear a dress or suit. It could be something as simple as having a matching jacket, especially if you’re planning a wedding in the cooler months.

There are several ways to sync the wedding dress and wedding suit. It all depends if you want to go full force with your look or leave it as a little secret between you and your new partner.