Kitsch and Colorful Wedding Inspiration That Will Brighten Anyone’s Mood

Kitsch might mean “risky” to some, but to others, it’s the chance to add some character and personality to something. Whoever would have thought that some kitsch and colorful wedding inspiration could be such a way to brighten the day?

Bright Colors On Bright Colors

Rather than opting for a bland day, this couple chose to inject color into every aspect. The colorful confetti against the curtain’s glittering gold is certainly enough to bring this wedding photo to life.

Hello, Gorgeous

We never knew that a neon sign could look so at home at a wedding. The couple decided to team their bright sign with a blank background to really bring it to life. Thankfully, they haven’t forgotten the overrunning nautical theme thanks to the swan plant holder on the table.

Blooming Bouquets

Choosing your wedding bouquet can be a major part of the day. Having a kitsch and colorful wedding means there’s no color scheme to stick to – and you can go wild with your bouquet. This certainly adds a touch of uniqueness thanks to the blue detailing while the red and pink flowers add the perfect contrast.

Sticking To The Theme

There was no stone left unturned when it came to this kitsch and colorful wedding. Even the shoes had been carefully chosen to stand out against their wedding outfits. They might be bright, but they sure so match perfectly into the rest of the theme.

Fitting The Occasion

No wedding is complete with pizza, right? This is more than just pizza. The backdrop of the boats makes the nautical theme come together more than ever while the groom’s tie reminds us that we’re at a wedding packed with fun and vibrancy.

Kitsch and colorful doesn’t have to mean out of control. In fact, this wedding goes to show just how glamorous it can be.