5 Times Jennifer Lopez Played the Role of a Bride On-Screen

Before Jeniffer Lopez became Mrs. Ben Affleck, she played the role of a bride many times. Not only has she worn bridal dresses before, but the actress and singer also hinted that her latest wedding dress was actually from an old movie. As you know, the internet got into the game of guessing which dress it was. While the name of the movie still remains a mystery, the numerous dresses are worth swooning over. Here are the many times that JLo became a bride for the big screen.

Marry Me, 2022

2022 saw Jennifer Lopez wearing a wedding dress twice, once off screen to cement a legendary Hollywood love story and once on screen for her most recent romantic comedy. In the movie, JLo’s character has two grooms with only one dress. Lopez plays a big-time singer, who’s tying the knot with her boyfriend Bastian (played by Maluma). In the end, her boyfriend ditches her and she ends up marrying Charlie, played by Owen Wilson. Lopez’s wedding dress is utterly gorgeous and weighs over 95 pounds. With intricate details of crystals and ruffles. JLo, swathed in this creation, is a vision to behold!

Monster-In-Law, 2005

The 2000s were a time when Jennifer Lopez ruled the big screen with her rom-coms. Often, these roles came with dressing up as a bride. Her role in Monster-In-Law tells the story of a mother (Jane Fonda) who does everything in her power to stop her son from marrying Charlie (Lopez). Jennifer Lopez looks beautiful as a traditional bride with her sleeveless white dress, flowing skirt, and veil.

El Cante, 2006

In this biographical movie, Jennifer Lopez stars with now ex-husband Marc Antony. The duo played the role of late salsa singer Hector Lavoe and his wife Puchi. The tale, which also features the duo’s wedding, actually tells the story of the harrowing addiction and fame that Lavoe struggled with. Lavoe is one of the most prominent figures in the salsa industry, being a pioneer of this type of music.

The Wedding Planner, 2001

In this movie, Jennifer Lopez holds the titular job and falls in love with a groom-to-be, played by Matthew McConaughey. Thankfully for the two, it’s a rom-com, so a happy ending does happen. Although it isn’t without its share of shenanigans, miscommunication, and a heartfelt, and a little cheesy, declaration of love. Still, we do get to see what we love the most, JLo as a bride in an off-shoulder dress, ready to get married at the courthouse.

The Back-Up Plan, 2010

The rom-com (yes, it’s JLo’s favorite type of movie to make) sees the actress become a bride-to-be and mom-to-be at the same time. Even though she doesn’t technically wear a wedding dress in the movie, the cream-colored dress she wears at her grandmother’s wedding is pretty enough to pass as one. Can we just say that the actress looks absolutely breathtaking in the short, one-shoulder dress? Add in the pregnancy belly, the flowers, and the messy updo, and she’s the perfect vision in off-white.

The London Fall 2021 Runways Feature Alternative Bridal Looks

In 2020, very few brides were able to walk down the aisle, like many of them planned. About 15 million weddings were postponed around the world due to lockdown restrictions. Weddings in the United Kingdom have been banned or restricted since the spring of 2020, and some brides simply have come to terms with having an alternative wedding that is smaller or more intimate.

Alternative bridal look by Vivienne Westwood

An Alternative Bridal Look

A smaller wedding calls for a more alternative look compared to traditional ball gowns that many brides search for. Many women started looking into the Fall 2021 looks on the runway for some inspiration.

According to Natalie Kingham, the global fashion officer at Matchesfashion, there were many versatile pieces on the runways. These included draped high-neck midi-dresses from Emilia Wickstead and even stunning headpieces by Stephen Jones. The luxury retailer predicts a shift in wedding dresses as people start to look for more romantic and feminine wedding dresses with statement pieces to make an impact.

Wear-Once Dresses Are Old News

Even though not everyone has the budget to afford high fashion pieces, traditional bridalwear is taking a seat. Those dresses that are only good to wear once are old news, and what’s trendy now is dramatic silk separates and trouser suits. The silk separates can be dyed to be worn again later, and the trouser suits are deemed versatile for other occasions.

Alternative bridal headpiece by Awon GoldingAwon Golding, a milliner based in London, is known for her headpieces. She’s now making them for brides that have decided to downsize their weddings. Headbands are the new wedding veil for most brides.

Despite the alternative bridal looks, love was in the air when it came to the 2021 Fall runway looks in London. Many looks featured white broderie, billowing sleeves, and more relaxed yet stunning looks. Designers were inspired by the French Revolution, the Netflix period drama Bridgerton, and more.