Feeling The Post-Wedding Blues? Here’s How To Beat Them

You’ve spent the past year planning your big day, and before you know it, its been and gone – *Cue the wedding blues.* It is only reasonable for you to feel a bit down following what was most likely the best day of your life. So, while you may have embarked on a gorgeous honeymoon and feel post-marital bliss with your new spouse, it may also be hard to adapt to the post-wedding life.

In which case, these are the times to beat the bridal blues and try out some of these ways of doing so.


Embrace a New Hobby At times when you are so busy, you find that there is so much you want to do but don’t have the time for it. Well, not that the busy period is over, you have all the time to try it all out. Whether you have hoped to learn a new language, travel or take a pottery class, you can now do whatever you desire. What’s better? To try these things with your new spouse so you can enjoy it together. Not only will it be fun and enjoyable, but you will be making the most of your free time.


Work it Out In the run-up to your wedding, you certainly wanted to make sure you looked your best. Now that you’re happily married and have no wedding gown to fit into, does not mean that your fitness and health routine should end. Fitness is known to work positively for your wellbeing and has shown to enhance your mood. Whether you want to chill with yoga or release some stress with cardio, you will find this time to keep you busy and keep you healthy at the same time.


Be Social Your social events will now not revolve around your engagement party, bachelorette, or bridesmaid lunches, and the focus will no longer be on you. Get together with your girlfriends for a boozy brunch, a movie night or a nice dinner. You now have time to spend with your friends and be stress-free from wedding planning, so make the most of it.