How to Host a Street Party Style Wedding

If you’re looking to get married in a socially distanced fashion or whether you just love the idea of inviting all of your friends and family around for a street party wedding, there’s no doubt about the fact that this theme is growing increasingly popular. You can organize your own street party wedding for a fraction of the cost of a traditional white wedding, and it’s also pretty awesome. So, why would you say no to that? This is how you can host your own street party style wedding.

The Decorations

You can’t have a street party without decorations, which means that you also can’t have this kind of wedding without decorations. When it comes to this theme, it’s all about the bunting, the white tablecloths, fresh flowers, candles, and no-nonsense additions to your tables and wedding venue. You could host your street party in the street itself, your backyard, or your local playing field. It’s rustic, and it simply goes with the flow.

The Dress Code

The best thing about a street party style wedding is the fact that it’s not your typical wedding theme. While this day will still celebrate the love between you and your other half, there are no specific timings to adhere to, there are no rules that have to be abided by, and the whole vibe is much more relaxed. This means that you can wear sneakers with your wedding dress, your guests can wear what they feel comfortable in, and they don’t have to worry too much about being preened and perfect. This is your day, so you set the guidelines.

The Activities

You’ve gotta have games at a street party, right? Whether you keep your guests busy with your DIY photo booth or whether you whip out the hula hoops and the mini baseball set, garden games are a huge hit at street party weddings.

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