Five Tips on How to Plan a Wedding Right From Home

In the midst of a pandemic, planning a wedding comes with some serious challenges. With so many wedding planners and professionals usually just a meeting away, not too many newly engaged couples ask themselves how much of their wedding planning they can do on their own. The good news is there are plenty of things that brides- and grooms-to-be can do on their own. Since we’re all cooped up at home, now is the time to say: “challenge accepted!”

No matter how far along you are, check out five simple ways you can continue planning your wedding worry-free from the comfort of your home.

Five Tips On How To Plan Your Wedding At Home

1. Create Your Own Wedding Website

Don’t stress! Everything you do on a daily basis is online – and this can be, too. Build your own central hub of information where you’ll be able to share updates with your guests and stay connected with your vendors and suppliers, even if everything is up in the air at this point.

2. Revise Your Pinterest Boards

Take your mind off the news, and start revising your Pinterest boards instead. Create different categories like wedding dresses, bridal hair, makeup looks, just go wild! Make sure everything is well organized so when this is all over you can keep your inspirations up to date and get the ball rolling again.

Five Tips On How To Plan Your Wedding At Home

3. Take Virtual Dance Lessons

If you’re quarantining with your partner take some time to work on your dancing skills, because who doesn’t want to have one hell of a first dance at their wedding day? There are tons of online services available to you, give it a try you’ve got nothing to lose!

Five Tips On How To Plan Your Wedding At Home

4. Make Your Own Wedding Playlist

Speaking of music, start off by creating a reception playlist. Brainstorming can take days or even weeks. Now is the perfect time to do that. Oh, and don’t forget the “do not play” list because it’s as important, especially since it’s one that your DJ can’t really guess at, we all have different tastes in music.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

Whether you’re taking some time off of work or not, it’s important to practice self-care. Eat well, exercise with your partner and most importantly take care of your emotional and mental well-being, nobody likes a bridezilla in quarantine, especially your bae. Remember, you’re not alone. Eventually, all of this will be over and your big day will be right around the corner. So, cheer up and start planning!

How to Be an Active Groom at Your Wedding

After you have popped the question and she has said yes, the next step is to get busy with wedding preparations. Although traditionally, it is the bride who always gets to have the final say, times are changing and even the groom can share the spotlight. The key to doing that is becoming an active groom throughout the planning process.

What Does it Mean to Be an Active Groom?

Being an active groom means participating equally in the wedding planning and being just as involved with everything as the bride. This means that you have your own preferences, ideas, and suggestions to add and not be a mere passive spectator at your own wedding.

How to Be an Active Groom?

To be an active groom there are a number of things that you can do to make the planning fun and easier on the bride. At weddings, people are rather emotional, and more often than not the bride may feel overwhelmed with the potential changes that are to come her way. You can take charge and be emphatic towards your bride or assure her that you are by her side, all the way.

Things You May Be Required to Do

Try to be as available as you can to the bride’s needs. Pay attention to her opinions and her ideas and chime in if you can with your own. Choose the songs that are to play at your wedding. It does not have to be the whole wedding playlist, but perhaps a special song for your first dance together as man and wife. Family members may add to the stress of planning a wedding. Meeting their expectations and planning a wedding that you want can be challenging. In such a situation, be sensitive to your bride and be an active groom by simply assuring your bride that the two of you will get through this together.