Gisele Talks About Her Newly Released Book, Lessons

Gisele’s book, Lessons, is not a memoir or a biography, rather a journal, according to her. It features a scrapbook of memories, detailing the struggle and passion that propelled her throughout her twenty years in the fashion industry. In the scripture, she provides readers with useful tools that she picked up over the years.

Keeping a plant-based diet, meditating regularly, and taking part in environmental activism, many wonder how this eccentric model juggles it all. Delving into Lessons shows that each of these practices is a response or adaptation to struggles she faced in her life.

Whether it was building a career far away from her home or navigating a private family life, in the most public of professions, she tells us how she did it all. Gisele initially started to meditate and keep a plant-based diet as a way of dealing with debilitating panic attacks she battled in her twenties.

Gisele explained in an interview “It is not a book that has a beginning, a middle, and an end, per se. It’s not a sequence of time; it’s not a biography by any means. We’re always evolving and growing, so the book was done in a very organic way, in a relaxed kind of “thought popped up in my head” way. . . . This is why it’s more of a journal. This is why it’s a collage. This is why there are 70-something images in the book because I was thinking for a person who didn’t have those experiences, sometimes a picture says a thousand words and you can go back to that time, right? So this is why I put pictures of childhood or different phases in my life.”

Interviewers asked, “Your book reveals a lot about your struggles with anxiety attacks and finding a sense of your own self while growing up in the fashion industry. Was it hard to go back to some of those memories for Lessons?” 

The model responded, “It was. I think there are a lot of emotions and stuff that you kind of choose not to go back to because they are too painful. You feel like you’re kind of past them and you don’t want to ever remind yourself of that again because you feel like they were . . . you know, that was a very fragile time in your life and you just think, like, you know, I’ve made it. I survived it. I meditate every day so those memories kept coming back to my awareness. I thought, If I can only reach a few people and it could be helpful to them, maybe I could do an open letter like a diary like I’m having a conversation with them.”

Gisele shared how she hopes her book helps people when she said, “If something was useful for you, and it helped you, you naturally want to share it because if you see others struggling, you’re like, ‘I want to help them.’ If I went through something similar and by sharing my experience can help someone get out of that deepest, darkest place, to know they’re not alone, that’s very helpful.”