Stunning Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Many of us love the idea of helping out the planet. The best bit? It looks as though our wedding day could be about to become more Earth-friendly than ever thanks to some stunning eco-friendly wedding decorations.

Biodegradable Straws

Plastic is one of the biggest topics in the world right now as many of us are trying to cut back on our use. One of the biggest offenders are plastic straws. Serving up drinks at your wedding might see us having to invest in a straw or two for the big day. Rather than forking out for all those harmful plastic options, it might be time to choose a biodegradable set instead. The best bit? These eco-friendly options often look more luxurious anyway.

Stunning Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Seed Favors

Wedding favors can be a tough topic. Some people want to go all out while others skip the tradition altogether. Thankfully, there’s an option that will keep your guests happy as well as give back to the environment. That’s right; we’re talking about seeds. Offering up bags filled with seasonal flowers will help to replenish people’s yards as well as giving the environment a little boost thanks to your big day.

Stunning Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Dried Confetti

Would you believe that plastic confetti can take up to 450 years to fully degrade? Have no fear; there’s an option that means you can still enjoy the confetti walk at the end of the ceremony. All you need to do is offer up bags of dried flowers instead. They can be a beautiful tradition, easily match your wedding day colors, and won’t leave any harmful residue that could affect the environment for hundreds of years. It’s perfect.

Stunning Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Dried Floral Arrangements

While talking about dried flowers, it might be time to think about swapping out those fresh arrangements for some dried options instead. They can help to add a little rustic edge to any boho-inspired weddings, but that’s not all. Dried flowers can be the perfect eco-friendly option as they will often be stored in local stores and won’t have to be shipped from overseas, unlike many fresh options that could be out of season at the time.

Planning your big day doesn’t mean you have to leave a significant impact on the environment. In fact, these stunning eco-friendly wedding decorations are even more breathtaking than their original counterparts.