What To Do When People Don’t RSVP To Your Wedding

Planning your perfect day is extremely exciting, but it’s also extremely stressful. There are so many details that make up your wedding day, and these details need their own planning process, while also working perfectly with every other aspect of your big day. Of course, a wedding isn’t a wedding without guests, but what do you do when your guests don’t RSVP to your wedding?

What To Do When People Don’t RSVP To Your Wedding

Don’t Panic

First of all, it’s important to leave the panic at the door. Wedding planning is stressful enough without adding even more panic and stress into the mix, so try to avoid it entirely. We know that’s easier said than done, but keeping a clear head and being open to these changes is one of the best ways to cope with the struggle of invitations and RSVPs.

Give Them A Call

If your guests still haven’t responded to your RSVP by the date you asked them to, then it’s time to give them a call. At the end of the day, you have a wedding to plan, and that’s what you need to focus on. Instead of calling them with an accusatory tone in your voice, ask them politely whether they have received your invite. There’s every possibility that it was lost in the mail, and this phone call gives your guests the perfect opportunity to give you a straight answer.

What To Do When People Don’t RSVP To Your Wedding

Send Them An Email

Of course, not everyone answers their phone. If you can’t reach your guests, simply send them an email instead. Outline the fact that you need to have the answer, and give them an ultimatum. Let them know that they need to provide you with an answer before a specific date. Otherwise, you will assume that they are a “No.”

Now, it’s time to put your plan into action.