This Decoration Detail Will Make Your Wedding Guests Swoon

Since the dawn of civilization, people have always used weddings as the perfect opportunity to show off our wealth, status, and personal taste. With the modern explosion of social media, there’s more pressure than ever to have a stunning wedding that will wow your guests.

That’s why we’ve collected the 3 most stunning floral chandlers, which are sure to make your wedding next-level gorgeous. As humans looking at works of art, our eyes are naturally drawn upwards. Your guests will never forget this unforgettable detail, which is way more permanent and memorable than a fancy cake or embroidered place holder.

Cherry blossoms remind us of spring and new beginnings, which is an awesome metaphor for starting your new life with your personal Prince Charming. Hanging a massive chandelier covered in cherry blossoms over the dance floor is an amazing way to symbolize your new love and this new season of your life.

The lovely bright pink blossom has natural variations ranging from blush to magenta, so your guests will never get bored of gazing at this dreamy work of art.

Maybe you and your betrothed are more flower child types. Incorporate this citrus chandelier as the crown jewel of your hippie wedding. You can easily gather the elements needed for this chandelier and even do it yourself as a sweet pre-wedding project with your hubby.

Way cheaper than getting a florist and having to deal with shelling out hundreds – or even thousands – this simple piece will still definitely be a crowd-pleaser. And you won’t have to break the bank to spring for expensive floral scents to make your venue smell divine – there’s just something magical about that fresh citrus smell, too!

Weddings can easily become over serious, stuffy affairs that make us forget about the point of the ceremony – two souls joining as one. This simple touch of green helps ground the guests back to reality, and everyone will appreciate the elegance of this chandelier.