Decor Ideas For Couples Hosting An Outdoor Wedding

There are so many reasons to think about having your wedding outside. If you’ve settled on the location, then it could be time to think about decorations. Here are some great decor ideas for couples hosting an outdoor wedding.

Palette Benches

Palettes are great for all kinds of upcycling projects, including outdoor wedding seats! All you need to do is add some pillows for comfort, and you’re good to go.

Upcycled Doors

This is a great idea for an outdoor wedding as it gives a doorway to the venue even though you’re outside. Place them at the beginning of the aisle to create a unique entranceway.


Just because you’re at an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean that you have to skip rugs. They’re great for making a makeshift aisle and can even be used as a backdrop for photos.


This is more for your guests than anything, but there’s no reason your parasols can’t fit the theme. Simple white umbrellas or a color to match the scheme can keep guests cool and bring your ceremony to life.

Street Chalk Art

This simple addition can bring a new dimension to the ceremony with little effort. Grab some stencils or let your guests run wild with their chalk ideas!

Grass Ring Box

If you want to go true outdoor wedding, then why not invest in a grass ring box? You can easily collect any moss and grass before the ceremony, or opt for shells if you’re hosting a seaside wedding.

Mix And Match Chairs

Mix and match chairs make it easier to furnish your outdoor wedding and help to add to the theme – especially if you’re hosting a rustic ceremony.

Having your ceremony outside is a great idea, so why not go all out and use some decor ideas for couples hosting an outdoor wedding?